..Is my practice of combining Pilates and Kundalini Yoga in one capsule class. It's all in there.. 

Heart -  Strengthening and opening, envoking courage and compassion for self and others. When we do things from the heart with we are inspired to be the best we can be.  A conscious and loving perspective opens channels, and healthy positivity ripples into our lives, relationships and the planet. 

Core -  My work focuses on feeling good and building strength from the inside out - not just physically but emotionally, changing subconscious patterns as well as reinforcing the deep support muscles. A strong core keeps us youthful, energetic, balanced and feeling in tune and on purpose. A strong emotional centre makes us resilent to the inveitable ups and downs. Our power comes from the core. 

Body - The way we use our bodies, condition our muscles and our minds affects our confidence; how we carry ourselves, literally and metaphorically. A strong, balanced, supple and toned body with good alignment, movement patterns and posture, ensures we can do all the things we need to do efficiently, safely with confidence and calm and feel really good doing it. 

It works for me. Simple as.

I first brought Pilates and Kundalini Yoga together in my personal practice, to make sure I got the best out of my morning session, using all the tools I had, in the time I had.  Pilates to strengthen, tone and balance the body on a muscular, bio mechanical level and the Kundalini Yoga to recalibrate the energy systems of the body and bring in vitality, clarity and deeper spiritual connection.  

I found that other women were also looking for an efficient, effective practice that had a strong physical focus but also appealed to their spiritual side.  My classes hit the spot perfectly. The disciplines compliment each other beautifully and, with a little commitment, the physical and emotional results come fast. 

          Lift your Bum - Pilates focused warm up to bio mechanically balance, tone, core strengthen and increase flexibility.. and feel good in jeans

          Lift your Vibration - Kundalini Yoga set to work all systems of the body, clearing subconscious blocks and raising energy and awareness. 

          Rock your world - You'll feel confident, clear and resilient; - capable and kind in your life and realationships

You’re awesome already. Perfect in your imperfection. Absolutely enough. Its not about perfection -  its about commitment to yourself

I believe that looking after ourselves this way improves the way we feel about ourselves, how we communicate in our relationships, and thus giving more meaning and quality to how we experience our lives.

I feel totally amazing, balanced and on my game (most of the time..haha)... and so can you!

And here's a little bit of background...

"Ooo yes, this is gooood. Amazing. even" was my reaction after starting Pilates classes 11 years ago. The focus relaxed my mind and practice made me feel strong inside and out. I began to really get into my body for the first time, and felt more confidence in myself all round.  I trained immediately to teach, motivated to share this incredible, intelligent exercise. It was great but,  a Yogi at heart, I was searching for a deeper spiritual connection too.

Serendipity led me to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and then it all made sense. In awe and excited at my new experiences, plus finally overcoming a long term eating disorder, I have been teaching the amazing technology of  Kundalini Yoga, but never forgetting the  of awesome benefits of Pilates on the body; its structure and balance and the mind; focus and clarity.

As I travel through my 40s and beyond its my mission to use my skills to help you feel great and vital, to know how fabulous you are already. To FEEEEL it in your body, heart and soul.  For you to love the life you live and the body you live in. This a win for you personally, but this high vibration also flows over into our homes, our communities and planet.  A win for everyone. Perfect..

My classes add a bit of va va voom into your day and raise your energy levels.  You will feel great in yourself, about yourself and feel connected in your life.  So simple.

Originally from Wales in the UK, I am married to a fiery, fabulous Italian and have a gorgeous, spirited little girl. We married and started our family in Melbourne, Australia where I received the absolute best Pilates teacher training on the planet. An awesome experience and privilege that lay great foundations for my practice and my own teaching. Now settled in Barcelona, It is an honour to have have trained to teach Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, by beautiful, inspiring teachers. I now open my own little space to teach my heartcorebody method to those who want to Lift their bum, lift their vibration and rock their worlds.

I hope you'll join me and give it a whirl.


Private Practice: 1:1, pairs and small groups

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Whether your goal is to get your body strong, flexible, toned and balanced or get clarity of mind, break sub-conscious blocks and feel connected.....

Or something in between, I develop beautiful, personal programs to meet your unique wellbeing needs.   These sessions work well with small groups of friends so.... get a few of you together and well rock a super class together! Great fun.. and effective!

Corporate Classes:

In order to get the best out of your employees,  and show them you care about their wellbeing, why not treat them to a short class of Pilates and Yoga in the mornings, or in the lunch hour.

The benefits are enormous for your team, plus the benefits for your company include increased productivity, motivation, increased mood, due to the relaxing and stress relieving nature of the practice, and less days on "baja". There are also amazing postural benefits to counter sitting all day, balancing, lengthening and strengthening muscles and working the deep support muscles to reinforce the spine all which encourages a super healthy vibrant team.

Executive/Travel Packages:

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, if you would like to maintain your commitment to your practice (or get one started) whilst you are here, I will develop a short but fabulous program, tailor made and deliver it to you, wherever you are.  So good!

For courses, classes and events....