Stay adjusted in the madness


'Tis the season.. And I love it.

Millions of twinkling lights fill the main Barcelona streets on these chilly, dark early nights. There is an air of excitement; nostalgia for childhoods past that remind us of how things used to be. We yearn to feel the magic again, just a little bit. When you believed. We want to feel close to our families and friends and we crave to feel that warmth of the human spirit around us. From strangers too.

Whatever your faith or beliefs, this Light Fest, that spears through the European December darkness, is full of hope, cosiness and magic. It connects us, and we like that. It lifts us and we all feel better when we are helping others, spreading cheer and goodwill synonymous with this time of year. I'm up for that all year. Aren't you. I still believe!!

Despite all this goodwill, there is a usually a lot going on, and we can get run down more easily. 

We go out more, we spend more, we drink more, we eat more and, we argue more (might be just us) and, statistcs also show, we have sex more at this time of year too (I'm sure not just us again? haha ) and we put ourselves under more pressure.. 

Whether you've bought enough, done enough, or drunk enough (or drunk too much), you ARE enough.

We travel more, we worry more, expect more, and compare ourselves to other people more and, generally it can be a really hectic time. We can feel our energy deplete and our nerves can get shot to pieces.

If this is you..and It's often me..

..I have just the thing for you. Below is a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set or sequence) that adjusts the naval point (An energy centre 3 fingers the below button and just above the pelvic area) back into alignment. This is important as our personal power, and our emotional centre is at our naval point. Think of it as our energy control headquarters.

Why does it need adjusting?

It's often off kilter and when it's off kilter we are off kilter. The centre of our own personal universe. When this is strong, in balance and in the right place, we have the power within us to withstand any storm, and not to get battered about the waves. We are resilient and have faith in ourselves. We know we will make it.

It's not a beginners set but if you are up for a challenge give it a whirl.

If you have any back injuries, special conditions or are pregnant then DON'T give it a whirl. Any doubts then check with your doctor and always listen to your body. There are 4 postures, each lasting for a minute, but you need to add a bit for rest time, where the body consolidates the work, between each pose. Breath of Fire is explained in more detail on my blog post Ego Eradicator


Put your back, ever so lovingly, into it.


Aaah.. How are you? Its been ages! What month is it?

I completely missed September and October in the madness of getting, heartcentrebcn co.working and my bespoke but amazing heartcorebody  classes off the ground. I am only now coming up for the cool, crisp autumn air reminding myself to smell the roses.  Oh to be in the glorious Now... and then the Now. So aware of time, but sometimes I forget the moment.

Do you forget to remember the Now?

“Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.” 
― Ekhart Tolle: The Power of Now

But November? Already? Now? Yikkes!

I have been hunched over my computer for months and, now that the weather has turned colder this week in Barcelona, I already feel my shoulders rounding as I pull in my coat.

Hunching and rolling our shoulders foward is so habitual for a lot of us, whatever the weather.  

The more time we spend in front of the computer, tablets and phones and the more we are sitting in the office, or whenever our work entails slumping, the muscles on the upper back weaken. They become elongated, and the muscles on the pectorals become shortened and tightened, pulling us forward so our upper back, if not kept in check, gradually curves over. Also, everyday tension and stress manifests in the back and shoulders, so they travel up to our ears creating a super stressed upper back.

So keep the shoulders back and down, head held high, open the chest. Walk tall my friend.... (and get a comfortable handbag)... This helps confidence as well (walking talk, not the handbag haha) 

How is your upper back? Do you default to slouch? Do you spend hours in front of the computer? Here is a short video focused on the upper back muscles. Strengthening the muscles on your upper back, and lengthening the muscles in your chest, we can slowly train the spine into more natural curves and so the posture improves. 

Go on..put your back into it, and give this little set a whirl for an upright posture..

My new amazing centre and classes are coming soon!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 15.12.27.png

Hey! How are you? I hope you are super well and enjoying a little of bit of downtime this August. It's still so hot here in Barcelona (It's so hot our cactus died!) but stop talking of the weather, Laura, and tell your exciting news!!

I am opening my own little teaching space here in Barcelona.. Woooo!

I am working on my fantastic Pilates and Kundalini Yoga classes and my brand heartcorebody, and how I'm going to bring them to you in September!!! There will be more news in the next couple of weeks and I will be back in touch with info, offers and invites...Join my list and look out for stuff about heartcorebody @ heartcengtrebcn . Woooooo!!

Barcelona central, baby!!  Near Plaza Cataluyna......Awesome!

I will also be making some videos and gifting you a few promo classes online, so friends in distant parts can get some value and content, across the continents.

It's going to be rocking!

That's it for now. It's super exciting and I'm really looking forward to sharing, in the flesh, the fabulous technologies of Kundalini Yoga and Pilates practice to help you feel great, and experience your true, amazing, infinite nature. Way hey!

So if you are in Barcelona, and when I figure out the logistics  (and the technology haha), you'll get more info about promo classes and timetable etc and hopefully I don't bug those that are unable to teletransport themselves to class.  

But what about my bum and abs, in meantime?

This one isn't a secret...

A very good friend asked me what exercises she could do in 5-7 minutes for her bum and her tum.. I'm telling you what I told her, which isn't new, but people forget.

Move your body doing your daily stuff!! 

Everyday things done with attention.

We know the rules.. Use the stairs and not the lift, walk, walk, walk..etc. It's easy for me to say, as Barcelona is a very walkable city, but walking is so good. When you are walking uphill or upstairs, bring some attention to it - focus into using the glut/ hamstring connection (where your bum meets the back of your legs) and use these muscles at the back of your leg to power you first, instead of from the quadriceps. It feels a bit weird but it's a good exercise.

As you bring the shopping in from car, roll your shoulders back and down, engage the abdominals, lift the pelvic floor. That kind of thing. Lifting things properly, hanging washing, throwing the kids around; bring a focus to it and make it work for you.

And the 5-7 minutes of gluts and Abs?..

It's here. Its a bit rough as I thought it was going to be private, and I did it in one take...But it's fine and a nice little set.

Give it a whirl.  Thank you!!


Stay on your game for summer!

Hey. How are you? I am well and loving these light mornings!! I always get up early, that's just me, but this time of year it's sooooooo much easier than in the dark and in the cold (Mmm Obvious!). It's almost a pleasure to hear the alarm and bound out of bed.. Okay, now maybe that's going too far but..

Practising yoga and getting down to my work super early feeds my spirit and I feel good. 

Simple as.

Before I even put the kettle on I get down to some Yoga/Pilates practice plus a little meditation. It soothes me. My body and spirit come alive and I feel so grateful. Everything makes sense for me at this time. It's such a beautiful start to the day and sets me up. It's early, it's peaceful and I love it. I need it this way.

And then I need my Tea... My spirit needs this too ;)

How about you? What feeds your spirit? 

What do you need? It doesn't matter when you find time to check in with yourself, or how long you take doing it, but giving yourself a little bit of what you need every day really helps your emotional wellbeing. Obvs again but we rarely pay attention to it.

You're amazing but to keep going you need to be on your own team.  

I'm not talking massages or pedicures and stuff like that (although, of course, why not?) or super planned, organised rituals that are supposed to be for yourself, but actually turn into stressors.

Just things you need in the moment. Even just good, kind mental chats, can be enough. The ones where you can give yourself a bit of compassion even when things seem to be a mess. This is big for a lot of us, The Self Talk. Make it kind.

You are enough, doing enough, always and it's all okay.

And so, whilst working in my bubble of morning love, I found this gem I want to share with you, should your spirit needs some body TLC.

DO YOU YOGA are doing a Free 30 day Yoga Challenge with no commitment, or payment details needed. Each session is about 12 minutes long and perfect for anyone, anytime,

It's really user friendly and a great way to bring Yoga into to your day these beautiful summer days. Check it out!

Im not affilitated with them or anything like that, but since am working on my offline programs (Look out for news Barcelona friends!), and not online programs at the moment, I thought I'd let you know about it, should you fancy getting down on the mat.

Give the challenge a whirl - It's fun and it's free.

Done is better than perfect. Yoga for procrasination

I tend to procrasinate. Do you know what I mean? Im sure I'm not alone.  "Shoot for the stars", you tell yourself "I'm going to start that today" but you don't, and the days roll by and nothing gets moving. Why? Is it too big? Are we incapable of star shooting? Of course, not but it makes me feel so bad about myself.

I don't want to feel bad. I'm in the business of feeling good. Feeling fabulous, in fact.  I'm excited about sharing my work so why procrastinate on it? 

Perfectionism maybe? I want to have the perfect teaching style, moves and content that will set the world on fire, before I expose myself? Well, yes, doesnt everyone?

But Im not a perfectionist. In fact, I suggested this to my husband and he nearly spat out his coffee..

"No Laura, you are procrastinating because you are afraid" He said.

"You are right" I said "I am afraid. I'm afraid of being seen, afraid of being crticised, afraid of being compared to others, afraid noone will like what I do. Which is why it needs to be perfect."

"Well", he said "it will never be perfect, because there is no such thing as perfect, and perfect is boring? Just be you and get your stuff done. Done is better than perfect" 

Which I quite liked. Of course, I want to produce a high standard of work that people enjoy and connect with (who doesn't), but accepting it isnt' going to be perfect, and not everyone will like it, is really liberating. 

Start before you are ready, isnt that what they say?

You see, I've realised achieving goals and making things happen evolve one imperfect step at a time. By connecting with people and taking action, even when your afraid. By falling on your arse......and by knowing you are never ready.

Below, with an awesome cameo from my daughter Grace, is a super spontaneous, short Yoga set for procrastination.  It's far from perfect.  

By opening up through the chest and rotating the ribs, and stretching the psoas through the hip this set helps feel strong, capable and confident to be your authentic self and to "get you stuff done".

Do it with conviction, breathing deeping as you move your body. It will set you up for shooting for the stars!

And so the proof is in the pudding.  I am super excited that my next course starts Monday 22nd May. I got my stuff done! Yay!! If you are in Barcelona there a still a couple of places left.  

Thank you!!

A pause for course correction..

Wherever you are and whatever your are doing, I hope you are happy, healthy and, whilst maybe not always living the dream (or maybe you are - great!), you are doing some of the things you love. 

It has been over a month since I've written a post, or posted a video, but either you hadn't noticed (such is the terrifying speed of time, and the equally terrifying volume of incoming emails), or you had noticed and briefly thought....., 

"What IS that woman doing? Blowing in and blowing out of our lives like the wind"

Truth be known I've been course correcting (again? yikkes. I know.. I wish I could drive this thing in a straight line! haha) and I'm still working on making offline and online content that you actually want.. 

A pause for course correction is better than a stream of crap content just to fill the space

I think we can apply this to most aspects of our lives.  We don't ned to go 100 miles an hour into the next thing, and the next thing, just because we said we would, and thats what we know.

Who is it serving? Does it make you happy? Why are you doing what you do?

Asking these questions brings us into the present and takes us off autopilot. 

Are there things that you are doing that dont serve you and you dont know why you still do them? Could you make some adjustments to your sails to make the course run smoother? A few tweaks here and there to give your more time, energy and space?

I always seem to be back to the drawing board tweeking and reforming ideas, with work and at home. I am happy to keep returning to my values, to stay present and make things right, rather than stay on a tradectory that's not working...

And I'm not giving up until I nail it for you.

I am committed to developing programs and courses that help you feel fabulous and balanced; moving your body, clearing your mind, connecting your spirit and giving you the tools you need to rock your own world. Most of the time. Efficiently and effectively to get you on your game feeling capable and confident and feeling good in your skin. It's all still there.

Good news -  A great offline promo class balancing Pilates and Kundalini Yoga

We had an amazing event earlier in the month and everybody loved the class and how they felt. Thank you to all the fabulous women who came and brought such a great energy to the space. Thanks for the feedback too. You made it great. I am in the process of setting up the classes for spring/summer so I'll keep you posted.

Online, a work in progress.... But it will happen..

Thank you so much for your support and patience. I will be back with updates, inspiration and little videos again very soon. Lots of love and have a great day.

Meditation for Prosperity

"I want to live a poor and impoverished life" said nobody, ever, surely?

When we think of prosperity we think first of financial wealth, however, it isn't about wealth or poverty, its about finding, organising and using the resources we need to live a full life whatever our financial situation. A sense of meaning in what we do and why we do it. It's more about satisfying relationships and having clarity in chaos than money.

Thriving whatever the given circumstances, making your world juicy and full.

However,  although wealth is not the direct goal, it usually is the indirect resultfor the prosperous person, as their characteristics support creation, delivery and fulfilment in any given situation. Wealth seems to happen anyway.

We all know people who seem to have a knack of turning things to gold whatever they do. Is it luck or do people make their own luck?

What is it about some people?

This underlies the law of attraction and putting out those vibrations. It's just as much about having a sensitivity, or faith, of what to do next in order keep our purpose and our wellbeing thriving. This means we can follow our intuition and can ask the universe for what we need with confidence and success. When we feel balanced and in control this kind of flows.

Sometimes we have different ingrained beliefs about wealth and to want it seems a little un-zen in some way, but it's okay to want to be wealthy. Why not? Money isn't naughty if the people who have it aren´t.

The Meditation for Prosperity below comes with a WARNING!

"This meditation can be done for up to 11 minutes. Its so powerful in bringing prosperity that more than 11 minutes would be greedy" said Yoghi Bajan (Who brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the West in 1969)  about the timing of this meditation

"This meditation stimulates the mind, the mood centre and Jupiter. When Jupiter and the moon come together, there is no way in the world you will not create wealth" 

- Yogi Bhajan

In the video below we will do it together for the minimum 3 minutes but between 3-11 minutes is the usually the go.

It's has a little chant, "Har" where the tip of the tongue hits the roof of the mouth. Eyes are 9/10 closed looking down toward the tip of the nose.  It has a little hand movement and all these things together create the conditions of prosperity. Lets give it a whirl.

Thank you!

Pilates magic to motivate and move

How are you feeling? I hope you are having a great first month of the year.. So shiny and new and full of promise...Still? Yes?

I recently heard that the 17th of this month is the date people usually give up on the New Year Resolutions....Really? 

Over so soon? Noooooooo....Keep going you - You can do it!!

Although I was a bit surprised at first (and thought it a bit cynical) I can, in fact, relate to it completely. I'm sure we all can?

Setting out ideas for the New Year feels super exciting - A new start; fresh and clean, and full of hope - Ooooo lovely.... but sometimes the dream is one thing and necessary steps are quite another, especially if the result seems too far away, vague or the path unclear. 

Motivation starts to wane and life gets in the way..

But here's a secret I learned that works for me..

Knowing the What and the Why of your Want you will help your staying power..

Knowing that this year you want a strong, healthy spine and flexibility (What), to keep your body youthful and injury free to enjoy life (Why), for example, and reminding yourself of these reasons, really helps you commit to the goal.

Or knowing you want a firm, strong bum (what) to counter your sitting at a desk all day and power around the park with the kids (and feel good in jeans ;) (why), Or a healthy nervous system (what) to feel calmer and a connection to life (why) etc..

Whatever. Doesn't have to be related to your health. Career, Relationships, Recreation....It's the same for anything you want to make a success at.

You have to know WHAT you want and the WHY you want it.  Be specific.. Write it down. The deeper you go with the Why, can help to understand your motives in the first place. Knowing what you actually want can be a challenge too. I get it.

But bringing a reason you can really connect with will help get you down on the Mat, and move life into your body, day after day.  It will help you do anything.

Whatever the whats, and whatever your whys, in your 2017 plan you'll be able to stick at them with more energy and balance in your body with a small daily practice...

Below is ... What? Another short fantastic, but more dynamic, abdominal focused 10 minute Pilates workout.   Why? To get you moving, get you balanced, keep you motivated and feeling fabulous, of course :P..

Yaya! I hope you enjoy!