Private Practice: 1:1, pairs and small groups

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Whether your goal is to get your body strong, flexible, toned and balanced or get clarity of mind, break sub-conscious blocks and feel connected.....

Or something in between, I develop beautiful, personal programs to meet your unique wellbeing needs.   These sessions work well with small groups of friends so.... get a few of you together and well rock a super class together! Great fun.. and effective!

Corporate Classes:

In order to get the best out of your employees,  and show them you care about their wellbeing, why not treat them to a short class of Pilates and Yoga in the mornings, or in the lunch hour.

The benefits are enormous for your team, plus the benefits for your company include increased productivity, motivation, increased mood, due to the relaxing and stress relieving nature of the practice, and less days on "baja". There are also amazing postural benefits to counter sitting all day, balancing, lengthening and strengthening muscles and working the deep support muscles to reinforce the spine all which encourages a super healthy vibrant team.

Executive/Travel Packages:

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, if you would like to maintain your commitment to your practice (or get one started) whilst you are here, I will develop a short but fabulous program, tailor made and deliver it to you, wherever you are.  So good!

For courses, classes and events....