I am Laura Ceppelli International Pilates, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, best selling co-author, ambassador of the Women of Contribution movement and creator of Limitless; the incredible Pilates·Kundalini Yoga blend.

My clients come to me knowing they need to make their health a priority to keep up with their incredible, but demanding lifestyles.

They are stressed out, fatigued and disconnected from their bodies and want to feel inspired, passionate, creative and vital again. They know their body·mind·spirit balance is essential to enjoy life to the full, to enjoy their families, thrive at work, and be the best version of themselves...but we are overwhelmed, under pressure and short on time.

I am here to help. I work privately 1:1, or in small groups to get you strong, fit, and plugged back into your body and your life. Balanced and toned, free from anxiety, stress, aches and pains with clarity, energy and inspiration, you are able embrace the limitless potential that lies inside us all.

The Limitless Blend?

Pilates to balance, strengthen and tone the body, improve posture and core strength which are all essential to be healthy and active - Kundalini Yoga to balance the energy centres and internal systems, ie, the nervous system, to help with stress, anxiety, creativity, sleep, vitality, prosperity and discover the deeper meaning of our lives.

The aim of the work is to create new patterns and systems in your body and give you tools and techniques you can take with you, no matter how you want to continue your self care. You will be strong and flexible, youthful and energetic and know how to nurture your amazing body, and soul so you can embrace your limitless potential in a demanding, modern world. It works on a cellular level and the experience will change you and what you bring to your life.

You will..

  • Strengthen and tone your muscles, your deep core and balance your body all over, inside and out.

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety….. get back from crazy town fast!

  • Restore balance and flexibility to your body and mind.

  • Rejuvenate youthfulness in skin, cells and energy.

  • Improve how you sleep. Bliss!

  • Correct bad posture habits, walking tall, with confidence and openness.

  • Relieve lower back pain and strengthen your pelvis and hips so you move with ease and comfort.

  • Relieve shoulder and neck tension feeling free and relaxed.

  • Bust through subconscious blocks that hold you back.

  • Balance your emotional centre and your energy centres so you feel more in control.

  • Feel your sexiness again in all your gorgeous, femine power.

  • Improve how you communicate and improve your relationships.

  • Improve creativity, prosperity and create new opportunities.

  • Feel happier, healthier, calm and in control absolutely loving your life, being you in your body.

  • Experience the Limitless potential that resides inside us all.

Using my Limitless Pilates·Kundalini Yoga blend, I create for you a unique personal practice which is great fun, gets amazing results and fits in with a demanding lifestyle.

Book an informal chat to know about the Limitless programme and how it can work for you? It would be great to talk to you - Contact me directly, click here

And here's a little bit more about me and where it all began…

"Way hey! This is great- I finally love my body and my life!" was my reaction after getting into Pilates nearly 14 years ago. The focus relaxed my mind and practice made me feel strong inside and out. I began to really get into my body for the first time, and felt more confidence in myself all round.. amazing things started to happen.  I trained immediately to teach, motivated by my passion to share this incredible, intelligent exercise. It was great but I was searching for a deeper spiritual connection too.

Serendipity led me to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and then it all made sense… In awe and excited at my new experiences, plus finally overcoming a long term eating disorder, I have been teaching the amazing technology of  Kundalini Yoga..

As I travel through my 40s its my mission to use my skills to help you feel and be the best you can, and to know you are perfect just the way you are. For you to love your life and body and feel sexy and vibrant again, having an awesome experience at optimum health. Life just gets better.

This is a total win for you as you become happier, more creative, prosperous, strong and healthy, but also the high vibrations flow over into our homes, into our communities and rasies the vibration of the planet.  This is how you make change in the world..

My work will add a bit of va va voom into your life and raise your energy levels.  Stress and anxiety is relieved, sleep improves and so does communication and creativity. You will feel great in yourself, about yourself and feel connected in your life.  So simple.

Originally from Wales in the UK, I am married to a fabulous Italian and have a gorgeous, spirited little girl. We started our family in Melbourne, Australia where I received the absolute best Pilates teacher training on the planet. An awesome experience and privilege that lay great foundations for my practice and my own teaching in Australia and the UK and now settled in Barcelona, It is an honour to have have trained to teach Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, by beautiful, inspiring teachers. Completely at home teaching women from all over the world, I bring Pilates·Kundalini Yoga blend, I call it “Limitless” because you are, to those who want to Lift their bum, Lift their vibration and Rock their wellbeing.