The Sun Salutation - The Best Stretch Sequence Ever

The best things tend to stand the test of time and, although the exact origins are not agreed upon, The Sun Salutation, has about 2,500 years under its belt.  

It was performed in honour of our gargantuan, natural heat and light source and, for thousands of years, the Sun has been revered as responsible for our entire world and for all life on it. 

The reason we can sustain life on earth deserves a "salute" or two, no?

Ancient Yogis for millennia have taught that each of us is a mirror of our world; that we are the mountains, the sea, the sun and the moon, that we are made up of the same elements and that the Sun is a symbol of consciousness within. We feel connected and in tune with ourselves, and our world, when we feel the "light" within us is turned on, right?

The Sun, they say (the ancient yogis again) is an outer world representation of our own “inner sun,” our heart.

It is claimed by skeptics however, that it was invented by the raja of Aundh (a former state in India) just over 100 years ago. Boooo!!

No matter - Start the day by appreciating your beautiful life, body and self. Simple. 

How or when it originated doesn't matter and there are over 20 recorded versions of The Sun Salutation to boot. Whichever one you do, its a beautiful way to start the day, honouring your own light; getting out of your head and into body, giving it a really good stretch and calming the mind.

"Salute" like you mean it....

More than just a good stretch of course be sure to practice your Sun Salutation like you mean it  -  with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation and a conscious awareness to the postures. After all, the sequence is essentially a humble appreciation of the light within you.

Giving it your all turns a nice stretch into an fantastic experience for yourself.

Make each movement as mindful and precise as possible, especially as you near the end of each round, as its a bit tiring.

As a start 3 to 5 rounds is good, working up to about 10.....108 is not uncommon so you'll be fine!! C'mon,  Lets give it whirl!