1 minute Pranayama to Slow Down Time

Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done, right?

"You have to have a written plan, with priorities, and execute it step by step, Laura"  says my husband

"Great, thanks for that, I say".

However, the reality of our day to day goes off plan, the plan has been scrapped, the plan does't apply, if there was one in the first place; there is so much to do, now, it feels, and a bit of panic sets in.

A plan is great, but what happens when the plan turns to custard and you need a bit more time right now?

In fact, I'm feeling it right now as the original draft for this post has completely disappeared (inadvertently deleted by me, of course) and now, looking at the clock, I have to pick up my daughter from school, I've wasted all that time and don't know when I can fit it in again,.. Plus there's wet washing in the machine to hang, there are bookings to confirm, a couple of WhatsApps that need replies and bits to do before I leave and..and....

Although there's no disaster you could do with a bit of time to re-focus and get present..

There is a paradox that, for us mortals, time is linear and we can do nothing to stop chronos time; the seconds turn into minutes, the minutes to hours, into days and the years roll by, and that is that, it is true..  

Time and tide wait for no man..

However, time is equally infinite, it always was, always is and always will be, and if we can connect to the infinite within us, where time does not exist, and bring it into our present, then we can slow down time.

Connecting to the infinite within works to expand the time we already have.

The video below shows a really short breathing technique, or Pranayama, thats connects you in and slows everything down. 

It works by emphasising the exhale, which effects the para sympathetic nervous system, 

slows down the heartbeat, relaxes the circulation, the nerves and the digestion which helps us connect with the calmness, and the present, so we can focus out of overwhelm with a bit more joy.

Give it a whirl. It really does work. Pop it in your mental handbag for everyday use!

I've just done the Pranayama right here at my laptop and I'm already feeling better. Of course, apart from picking up my little girl from school, there is nothing that can't wait. But it's great - I get to practice what I preach, and all in time to head to the school, with time for a coffee and to ping those WhatsApps back!  

Damn.. I left the washing in the machine!! Oh well, Nevermind, Not important. Anyway, I don't think there is a meditation for that. 

Thank you. I hope you enjoy!!!