Tuning in with the Adi Mantra

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In Kundalini Yoga we use Mantra a lot. In fact, at the beginning of every class or personal practice we "tune in" with the Adi Mantra, chanted 3 times. 




"Adi" means "primal" or "first" and is the first technology of the Kundalini student or teacher. The meaning of the Mantra itself basically means I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within. It is a meditation and a state of consciousness. It is the link between you as an individual ego and you as part of the infinite.

Chanting this mantra plugs you in to the universe and so you can do your practice leaving your ego at the door with your shoes.

This centring makes it easier for intuition, commitment and love to flow and be transmitted to you and through you. Consciousness and compassion are merged and all who hear are elevated and you have a sense of grounding come through you.

As I create more content on my website I will be sharing a lot more Kundalini Yoga you'll be hearing this mantra a lot, since it's done before each set. It might feel a bit strange at first and you may feel a bit self conscious, I know I did, but you get used to it and it really does work to centre you and bring you into your practice. 

I'm at it every day!

Since I have a daily Kundalini Yoga practice then Im tuning in with this mantra everyday. It feels good and to feel the vibration of the mantra resonate through my body at the beginning of each class or personal practice . I am immediately reminded that I'm a small but significant part (we all are) of an amazing, infinite, vibrating universe and this sense of awe and presence give me focus and verve to devote to a great practice. Join in with it in my Kundalini videos and see for yourself.  Thank You!