Ego Eradicator - Instant Energy Boost

Yay! I got there..the first video and post. It's September and I always feel so excited this time of year. Its a good time for new beginnings and promising adventures, more so than a new year, I reckon. Remembering the start of a new school term, new shoes, new classes and new possibilities, this time of year still provokes that excitement and positive expectation of the new things to be discovered and learned... So here we go. This is the first!

And since you always remember your first ...

...I want to share one of my favourite meditations, one that raises your energy levels, super fast, to super alertness and clarity and one that you wont forget.

Perfect for when we could do with a boost, this meditation provides an alternative to yet another cup of coffee or sugar hit. Although you might get funny looks in the office (you'll see why when you watch the video) you can do it whenever and you feel amazing. 

It works by balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, oxygenating the blood and recalibrating the psycho- electromagnetic field. That's the science! 

It has a great name. It's called Ego Eradicator ..Do it for 3 minutes everyday for 40 days you'll know why....

It can be quite challenging at first, but try and push through your resistances as the work is going on internally and the magic is in the aftermath. You can do it!

 You can feel the affects of increase in alertness and energy immediately! 

The long term affects, if done daily for 3 minutes a day for 40 days and beyond, are an increased mental clarity and the breaking down of subconscious blocks. You'll find yourself able to see a big bigger picture and you will feel yourself moving forward where perhaps you have been feeling a bit stuck. You'll become aware that you are able to take steps in a direction that you once felt were blocked off to you....

...and wonder what was stopping you before!

This short and sweet meditation can get your verve on super quick, in the moment, and changes things long term. It's great.

Give it a whirl below.. Thanks I hope you like it.