Pilates Detox and Recharge

An extremely enthusiastic Happy New Year to you! (See the video to see just how enthusiastic it is..haha) What can I say - I get excited!

Over a week in and the festive season seems a long time ago now. The new year is in full swing and I hope has started off well for you. It's going to be a goodie!!

Exciting times full of adventure and possibility...

Whether it's been a hectic time or a quiet time, it's almost inevitable that the wellbeing routine was wound down or sidelined, and you had taken the foot of the accelerator in some areas. Me too. In my opinion, it's a must.

We all need a bit downtime: a necessary lull in prep for an new start...

Getting back on the horse is more fun sometimes than staying on, no?

But now into the throes of it with gusto! Business as usual and the wheels of routine are back in motion.... but with new exciting ideas and goals added to make time for.

And so here it is; The time is now ... Commitment to new desires and things we want to achieve and make happen..

Whatever you want to accomplish in any of the areas of your life; Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Business and Career, Adventure.. Whatever your dreams and desires - a clear mind, strong body plus a super charge of energy will help to get you going....

Dream Big, Plan Small, Get moving!

Remember you are already enough..

So with that said,  a short Pilates workout Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. 

A well needed detox and body recharge. If there is a time that we need a bit of bodywork to get the blood flowing, flushed and relieve a bit of nervous energy that can build up around this time of year, then the time is now.

Detoxing and recharging will set up you for anything.. It Feels so good

Full of deep, cleansing breaths to re-oxygenate the blood, rotation of the torso to expel stale air lurking at the bottom or the lungs, and to give the intestines and internal organs a little massage,.. Plus rolling of the spine from top to bottom and bottom to top, massaging the spine, stimulating the circulation and putting energy and life into your support system. Oh yes!

Warning: My "Happy New Year" greeting in the video is extremely enthusiastic (a bit startling, in fact), but once you get passed that you'll be fine. My husband told me to leave it in, as that's how I am.. Hahaha

I hope you enjoy the video.. It was fun to make for you.

Thank you!! 

Leave a comment if you have any questions, queries or concerns.. I'd love to hear from you.