A pause for course correction..

Wherever you are and whatever your are doing, I hope you are happy, healthy and, whilst maybe not always living the dream (or maybe you are - great!), you are doing some of the things you love. 

It has been over a month since I've written a post, or posted a video, but either you hadn't noticed (such is the terrifying speed of time, and the equally terrifying volume of incoming emails), or you had noticed and briefly thought....., 

"What IS that woman doing? Blowing in and blowing out of our lives like the wind"

Truth be known I've been course correcting (again? yikkes. I know.. I wish I could drive this thing in a straight line! haha) and I'm still working on making offline and online content that you actually want.. 

A pause for course correction is better than a stream of crap content just to fill the space

I think we can apply this to most aspects of our lives.  We don't ned to go 100 miles an hour into the next thing, and the next thing, just because we said we would, and thats what we know.

Who is it serving? Does it make you happy? Why are you doing what you do?

Asking these questions brings us into the present and takes us off autopilot. 

Are there things that you are doing that dont serve you and you dont know why you still do them? Could you make some adjustments to your sails to make the course run smoother? A few tweaks here and there to give your more time, energy and space?

I always seem to be back to the drawing board tweeking and reforming ideas, with work and at home. I am happy to keep returning to my values, to stay present and make things right, rather than stay on a tradectory that's not working...

And I'm not giving up until I nail it for you.

I am committed to developing programs and courses that help you feel fabulous and balanced; moving your body, clearing your mind, connecting your spirit and giving you the tools you need to rock your own world. Most of the time. Efficiently and effectively to get you on your game feeling capable and confident and feeling good in your skin. It's all still there.

Good news -  A great offline promo class balancing Pilates and Kundalini Yoga

We had an amazing event earlier in the month and everybody loved the class and how they felt. Thank you to all the fabulous women who came and brought such a great energy to the space. Thanks for the feedback too. You made it great. I am in the process of setting up the classes for spring/summer so I'll keep you posted.

Online, a work in progress.... But it will happen..

Thank you so much for your support and patience. I will be back with updates, inspiration and little videos again very soon. Lots of love and have a great day.