Operation confidence and fortutide.. Bikini optional

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It’s at this time of year we start hearing the people in the business of fitness declaring “C’mon Ladies - It’s Operation Bikini”

Aaaaarrrgghhhhhhh Really?

It’s used in jest and is lighthearted, but having spent a lifetime in a love-hate relationship with my body ”Operation Bikini” plays to my incesurities and vanity, and makes me feel self conscious about myself. It makes me feel like maybe my body isn’t good enough unless I go through some “operation” to get it acceptable. Like there are “rules” and “criteria” to adhere to before you can be seen in a bikini and it makes me feel I am being judged and compared, and that the way I look in a bikini is actually super important and that my worth is tied up in this.

“Oh God - Do I have to go on a mission to be good enough to be seen in a bikini?”

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look hot in your bikini on the beach this summer, and I’d be putting myself out of business if we didnt want to look and feel our best. My tagline is “Lift your Bum, Lift your Vibration, Rock your Wellbeing” and I am passionate about helping people be strong and confident in their bodies through Pilates and Kundalini Yoga. It’s what I do. A firm bum is a healthy bum but..

..Nobody rocks a bikini (or anything for that matter) better than a woman who is comfortable with who she is.

“Operation Bikini” could be more powerful for women and perhaps more importantly, impressionable younger women, if the message and the motives were more about inclusion and not exclusion. If it were about being more confident and strong in their bodies and to rock the god damn bikini because they are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their size or tone.

Rather than to suggest they need to make their bodies better, or more acceptable because summer is coming, there could be more motivation to exercise to be healthier, more energetic, more confident and more congruent with who she is, so on the beach she shines because she is happy.

So ladies If you are going on “Operation Bikini” at your local gym, Pilates or Yoga studio, with a Personal Trainer, Kick Boxing or Trampolining just remember you are absolutely fine just the way you are already, and your exercise routine will pay off in power, strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence, so you can have fun in the sun with your family and friends, feeling and looking great in your unique way.

So why Lift your Bum?… A strong bum supports the pelvis and the lower spine and we need it to carry us around strong and allowing us to move with confidence, staying free from low back pain.

Also working the energy centre around the base of the spine plants roots from which to grow, and grounds us. Its helps us feel secure and capable.

Next week I’ll be starting a six week series Operation Bikini 2:0 where we will do some Pilates and Kundalini Yoga and follow my Limitless method, to strengthen the spine and bum and balancing the first energy centre at the root…

Then in subsequent videos, working our way up the body, through the hips, pelvis, abdominals, core, mid back, upper back and shoulders and balancing the energy around the energy centres, so you can rock your summer wardrobe comfortable and confident in your own skin..

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you next week.