Operation Bikini 2.0 - The 6 Part Video Series

Because nobody rocks a bikini better than a woman comfortable in her own body.


Below is a series of 6 short videos focusing on our strength, confidence and energy levels - balancing our bodies and our energy centres so we can rock the summer in our own unique way. Please consult a doctor before embarking on anything new, listen to your body and go within your limits.. and enjoy.

Week One - Feeling Glut

Strengthen the low back and bum and put mobility into the spine. We also stimulate the first energy centre which helps us become grounded, secure and accepting of our selves and others with calm and clarity.

Week Two - Here’s What’s Hip

We mobilise the pelvis and entire spine, and strengthen and stretch the hip. We also stimulate the second energy centre which helps us get in touch with our personal power, feeling sexy, relieving our self doubt, and also gets our inspiration and creative juices flowing. 

Week Three - It’s a Core Thing

We strengthen the abdominals and the deep muscles that support the spine, working the mid back. We stimulate the third energy centre for strong emotional centre and learn a breathing technique to increase energy and relieve anger and stress. Please consult a doctor before embarking on anything new, listen to your body and go within your limits..

Week Four - All Heart (and Upper back)

We strengthen the upper back countering sitting at computer all day, working the posture and stimulating the fourth energy centre for open heart, compassion and love. A breathing exercise for gratitute with increases our capacity for compassion for ourselves and for others.

Week Five - Truth Heals

This set simply relieves a little bit of neck tension and we stimulates trhe 5th energy centre around the throat so we are able to communicate what we mean. We we are tension free in the neck and what we say is congruent with what we actually feel life becomes less complicated and it can relieve a lot of tension in our bodies.

Week Six - You know it

All over body challenge, including bum and abdominals and mediatation for stimulating the sixth energy centre for Intuition and trusting your inner guidance system.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. It’s been a lot of fun and a nice challenge for me to deliver you quality sets that move and stimulates your body and energy centres so you can feel good in your body and in your life. If You have any questions, quieries or concerns I am here for you always.


Laura X

Operation confidence and fortutide.. Bikini optional

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.25.35.png

It’s at this time of year we start hearing the people in the business of fitness declaring “C’mon Ladies - It’s Operation Bikini”

Aaaaarrrgghhhhhhh Really?

It’s used in jest and is lighthearted, but having spent a lifetime in a love-hate relationship with my body ”Operation Bikini” plays to my incesurities and vanity, and makes me feel self conscious about myself. It makes me feel like maybe my body isn’t good enough unless I go through some “operation” to get it acceptable. Like there are “rules” and “criteria” to adhere to before you can be seen in a bikini and it makes me feel I am being judged and compared, and that the way I look in a bikini is actually super important and that my worth is tied up in this.

“Oh God - Do I have to go on a mission to be good enough to be seen in a bikini?”

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look hot in your bikini on the beach this summer, and I’d be putting myself out of business if we didnt want to look and feel our best. My tagline is “Lift your Bum, Lift your Vibration, Rock your Wellbeing” and I am passionate about helping people be strong and confident in their bodies through Pilates and Kundalini Yoga. It’s what I do. A firm bum is a healthy bum but..

..Nobody rocks a bikini (or anything for that matter) better than a woman who is comfortable with who she is.

“Operation Bikini” could be more powerful for women and perhaps more importantly, impressionable younger women, if the message and the motives were more about inclusion and not exclusion. If it were about being more confident and strong in their bodies and to rock the god damn bikini because they are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their size or tone.

Rather than to suggest they need to make their bodies better, or more acceptable because summer is coming, there could be more motivation to exercise to be healthier, more energetic, more confident and more congruent with who she is, so on the beach she shines because she is happy.

So ladies If you are going on “Operation Bikini” at your local gym, Pilates or Yoga studio, with a Personal Trainer, Kick Boxing or Trampolining just remember you are absolutely fine just the way you are already, and your exercise routine will pay off in power, strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence, so you can have fun in the sun with your family and friends, feeling and looking great in your unique way.

So why Lift your Bum?… A strong bum supports the pelvis and the lower spine and we need it to carry us around strong and allowing us to move with confidence, staying free from low back pain.

Also working the energy centre around the base of the spine plants roots from which to grow, and grounds us. Its helps us feel secure and capable.

Next week I’ll be starting a six week series Operation Bikini 2:0 where we will do some Pilates and Kundalini Yoga and follow my Limitless method, to strengthen the spine and bum and balancing the first energy centre at the root…

Then in subsequent videos, working our way up the body, through the hips, pelvis, abdominals, core, mid back, upper back and shoulders and balancing the energy around the energy centres, so you can rock your summer wardrobe comfortable and confident in your own skin..

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you next week.



Nothing to fear but fear Itself..


Two weeks ago I was invited up on stage to share, with more than 100 awesome women, my biggest fear about upping my game. Yikkes!

What was the main fear that was preventing me from stepping up as a passionate, skilled teacher, helping lots of people and being a successful, heart driven entrepreuner?

What fear was keeping me from actually putting on the transformational wellness retreats I had been dreaming about?

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.." -Franklin D Roosevelt

I was trembling like a leaf, as public speaking is another big fear of mine, as I played Gosia Gorna’s amazing Expansion Game. (I totally recommend her book aptly named, The Expansion Game).

I thought about it for a moment, but essentially my fear was feeling inadequate, not good enough, everyone was better than me, doing it better than me, more worthy than me and I was terrified of being being called out and critcised for my Pilates and Kundalini Yoga teaching style and, more daringly, my combined approach I call Limitless. Aarrgh Petrified! I said I was 9/10 scared but really it was more like 11/10! I am alone with these fears?

“What the hell are you doing, Laura? You’re rubbish, You are no good at this - go home, give up”.. said Fear, tossing her head back in glee. She knew I was cooked.

So we went deep, talked about this fear and Gosia expanded this to the point where I got a bit emotional (on stage, in front of 100 people, I know!) at the thought of this fear being transmitted to my 8 year old daughter.

What did it feel like that she too would feel unworthy, not good enough, fearful of criticism so she would shelve her dreams and live life in the shadows? A life of inadequacy and unadventure -staying small and never sharing her passions, nor her light, nor her skills, nor her talents.

Heartbreaking, that’s how it felt?

The process continues and there are a show of hands that, in fact, many people in the audience would like to go on a retreat where they are empowered, strengthened, aligned from the inside out in body, mind and soul so they can shoot for the moon.

A retreat where you disconnect from your devices, demands and the limiting beliefs you carry and reconnect into the powerful, limitless human being you already are, so you can live a radiant and full life. The audience agreed it was a pretty good idea.

So I am actually being selfish by not providing this service, Gosia tells me. I like how that sounded!

The energy shifted within me, the fear expanded until it popped and thus had no more power. Immediately I no longer feel afraid to the point of paralysis, like I had for a lifetime until that moment. I am now about 2 or 3/10. Incredible.

Two weeks later I am still a 2 or 3. I feel empowered and capable. I am a skilled profesional and have many happy, healthy clients that love working with me. I know it.

I will step up and do this for my daughter, for myself and for my clients who feel the incredible benefits in their worlds, and potential clients ready to get real about their welbeing. There is room for us all and we are all unique.

Not everyone will like my work, or your work, and that is okay. As Marie Forleo says “ If your talking to everyone you are talking to noone”.

What will happen if I am criticised? Not that much in real terms, my feelings may get hurt a bit? And that’s about it.

It is absolutely worth the risk to show my little girl the adventures that unfold when you feel the fear and do it anyway.

Soooooooo….Look out for info of my first and amazing wellness retreat in collaboration with the beautiful Laila Rojas the Radiant Vita Health Coach.. More details coming soon. If you aren’t on my mailing list sign up now..

Blow your fear up and pop it!

How does fear show up for you? Dig deep - are there layers to it? Are you making excuses for the excuses? What is fear preventing you from doing in your life?

Disconnect fear based habits with this mediatation…Here is a short 15 minute Pilates and Kundalini Yoga set to move your body, and a meditation for breaking bad habits. As always listen to your body and go within your limits. I hope you enjoy. Thank you


Can Pilates and Yoga make you fit?

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 13.45.25.png

Last weekend I took part in a Spartan Super Race… and it was super hard. Mamma Mia it was!

For those of you that don’t know what that is (and I didn’t know exactly, until I was there!), it’s a race set over a course, in this case it was 13km of mountainous terrain, and is peppered with obstacles that you have to climb, carry or negotiate yourself through, under or over…and wade through alot of mud.

It was a huge challenge, on so many levels, and I went into it blind.. I thought Ignorance would be bliss...

I was wrong - Ignorance was foolish, and another thing that was foolish was to buy a pair of super cheap trainers (As I knew there would be mud, and they would get ruined) that were also on the small side, and expect them not to rub.

My feet were blistered but it was one of the least painful things that was going on so I kind of didnt notice..

I had not trained and I thank my lucky stars that my husband was so supportive, as was our teammate Andy, and that I have been a practioner of Pilates and Kundalini Yoga for years and years. They all saved my bacon! Also, Andy’s wife Kez was an intricate part of the team as she looked after our children and this an important factor when families embark on adventures. It was a team effort!

The race was not a race for winning but an experience of commitment, teamwork, love, kindness and faith.

The emotions I went through over the course went from excitement and determination, to desperation, regret, hopelessness, shame through to elation, invincibility, strength, pride, inspiration, motivation, love, empathy, compassion and back to desparation, anxiety and fear (I had a near panic attack about 2km from the end and started trembling and crying) and then back to love, comittment, determination, hope and joy.

Boy, it was a roller coaster and I could not have done it without my husband’s love and support and encouragement both physically and emotionally helping through (over and under) the obstacles. Maybe not for everyone but teamwork got me through..

It was an amazing bonding experience for us both and connected us back into each other and our relationship. So often we are busy with life and forget how much we love each other’s spirit and soul so it was a great opportunity to be together and be present on adventure out of our normal environment.

It was like we got to see the real person again, with the curtains of life drawn back - It was raw and real and we loved it.

I did not train but I did it. Up, up and up mountains and down, down down, over rocks and through mud, up monkey bars and under barbed wire.. I believe that having Pilates in my body, being balanced and strong and able to move efficiently with a reinforced core stability got me through physically. Kundalini Yoga whilst also helped with the physical challenge, helped me with the commitment, the mindset and faith to get me through. Absolutely.

My work blending Pilates and Kundalini Yoga is fortifying and keeps you strong and capable, not for only Spartan races but for life. We need a strong body and mind so we can get on with our everyday things. We are more resilent and can see the magic of life around us, which makes us happier and more content. We can show up fully and be the best version of ourselves on any given day. You have super powers inside you and do anything when you want to..

There is a beautiful Chinese Proverb “The person who says it cannot be done should not interupt the person doing it”

Yoga move to relieve nagging lower back pain..


How are you? Can you believe it is October already? What happened to September? It absolutely flew by…I hope you are all settled back in and feeling good…

It already seems such a long time ago now but we had a wonderful late summer holiday in Umbria in Italy - Myself, my husband and daughter. We cycled 100km over 3 days through stunning countryside. I was blown away by Assisi and the medieval towns passed through and was in awe of the magic of nature and the incredible history in all it’s splendour. Incredible.

I was able to be really present, something which is easier said than done and could appreciate the everyday miracles are all around us. Im doing it now, back in Barcelona tapping on these keys and watching the falling words into my brain appear on the page.. in the now…Oooo that was nice.

I was also in awe of my my daughter, who is only 8 years old and cycled the whole way taking the challenge in her stride. I was so proud of her. It was a really beautiful and bonding time for us all and I am filled with gratitude..

but boy I could feel that cycle ride in my back.. Yikkes!

A Pilates and yoga teacher with a bad back? Oh yes, people… It was super stiff I can tell you!

Most of us suffer from lower back pain at sometime in our lives and for some of us feel a constant niggle or tightness in this area. Lifestyle is often to blame for this kind of pain, constant sitting in chairs and on sofas, lack of exercise, bad mattresses.. Our backs take the brunt.

We also hold fear, insecurity, anxiety about who we are, lack of trust all down here in this energy centre which can play havoc on our back and on our eliminiation systems that give us toilet trouble and age our skin.

Having a healthy lower back can make life much more enjoyable. We can get on and do our things with grace and ease…Imagine being pain free with a spring in your step and being able to move without all that stiffness? Yes please!

Here we have an exercise to relieve lower back pain and stiffness.

Follow the link below which will take you to my facebook page video that shows you a really simple movement that will help you relieve pain in your lower spine and give you more flexibility. It also gets the spinal fluid going that helps the digestive system and helps us detox.. (Of course, if you are in severe pain, have an injury or a special condition please consult a doctor)

The energy that is balanced here helps us stay youthful


Thank loads and and I hope that helps…

Life is balance of holding on & letting go

Life is a balance copy.png

Hello, hello. I hope all is well.

I wanted to talk to you today about the holy grail of modern life, the ever elusive "life balance".  Search no further people, the truth is..

... "There is no such thing as work life balance. It's all life. The balance has to be within you"  - Sadhguru

My clients often come to me burnt out, overwhelmed and trying to spin so many plates. Life is busy. There are no two ways about it but there is STILL something out there that seems to make us think that we should be doing it ALL, and doing it all PERFECTLY.

It's not possible, although some people make it look like it is, and we start to come down with a serious case of comparisonitis.

This can make us feel inadequate when we are far from it. This fear of inadequacy and being "found out" fuels us to keep going, planning, time mangaging.. to fit something else in, to forget about that thing we were going to do for ourselves (not important, right? )... and get it ALL done.  Eventually we just collapse in a heap of self doubt and exhaustion.

Enough, I say!

"You can do anything, but not everything" David Allen

Overwhelm and stress caused by modern pressures is a biggie.  My clients come to me frazzled. They are running at 100 miles an hour to keep on top of it, missing the present moment too often and life is passing so fast. Although they know it's damaging their health and relationships, they don't know where to start

The idea of getting strong, healthy and balanced, physically and emotionally, is not so you can DO more, powering through life like a supersonic robot getting it all done perfectly, but to get strong and balanced so you can do what you have to do with resilience, humour, and joy. Then also discern whats important and necessary, and get on with those things and have the confidence and courage to let other stuff go. 

When you take time to cultivate a strong, balanced body, meditative mind and a health nervous system, you are connected back into your life. 

Pilates and Kundalini Yoga can help with this internal balance. You can be more present and get on with your busy life with verve and vitality.

Overwhelm and anxiety will always come up as a part of life but letting go of the need to do it all and be perfect, knowing that you are safe and your world and doing just fine helps. Staying in Overwhelm and anxiety is where the damage happens. Let stuff go, practically and emotionally. You have more freedom, which according to Thich Nhat Hanh is they only condition for happiness. 

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.” 

I believe that looking after our bodies and our minds this way has never more essential. We are younger longer, our bodies have to last a long time and we are living a demanding lifestyle - That isn't going to change, and we are still going to have to do loads of things that we are obligated to do. Life is still going to be busy and thats okay.  It doesnt have to be ovewhelming though.  We can ride the stormy waves and enjoy the adventure.

You'll get a pocket meditation on how to get out of overwhelm and get your balance in my Facebook Live on Wednesday 8th August at 09:30 (CET). I'll put it in the Laura Ceppelli Yoga and Pilates Page and in the Limitless group. 

Thank you :)

If you would like to talk to me about my work grab a coffee and cake call and we can chat. I would love to talk to you.

Yes, let's have coffee and cake

Acceptance might just be the single best thing you can do for your health


Apart from drinking water. Water is magic.. And sleeping, and meditating, walking in nature..

Okay... So are there many single best things but why is acceptance so important to your health and wellbeing?

Firstly,  for life changing tools and tips from all things from self acceptance, to reviving your mojo, to feeling strong and supple, come on over to my newly minted Facebook live in my Limitless Facebook group every Wednesday at 9:30 (Central European Time).

Acceptance is where is all begins. Its like the prequel to forgivenss. If you don't accept what's going on for you, past or present, then you get stuck in judgements and resentments and the stress these emotions have on your body can wreck havoc. and illness can manifest..

"To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee" Anonymous

You can't make good new choices for yourself when you are unaccepting. Accepting doesnt mean condoning or saying it's okay, not at all, so many things are "unacceptable" but accepting allows you to take constructive action or move forward and make your peace.

Unacceptance is like denial which keeps us trapped and in a funk, and acceptance is one part of the recipe for a free, lighter and limitless life.

In accepting people and situations around you, including your stress levels and your crazy boss, it's absolutely essential to accept yourself.

"If you accept and learn not to criticise yourself you will find true health - physically, mentally spiritually" Yogi Bhajan

Studies have shown, one in particular by Harvard Medical school that self acceptance has physical and emotional benefits.

So how do we do it?

We have to accept others, when you accept others you can accept yourself. You will feel light and free. Let that stuff go!

Acceptance exercise.. Just for one day try and notice how you are judging and when you do catch yourself breath deeply and choose to Let it go. You can even say "I let you go".. Then consciously go through your mental list - accept your parents, your boss, your spouse, and people who have hurt you in some way. There might be things you cannot accept, but that's okay, just accept that you arent ready yet. One day you will be and you will feel light and free and alive. You can decide if you its worth doing again tomorrow, no pressure - self accptance all the way. I talk you through it in my live.

We have to take responsibilty that our feelings about people and stuff are our own contruct, and we have a choice feel better about things.

"There is nothing good, nothing bad -thinking makes it so" Yogi Bahjan

See you in the Facebook Limitless group

The video below is the replay of the Live I talked about in my Limitless group last week

If you are struggling with balance, and you would like to know if I can help you sort your exercise and wellbeing routine out then I have a few space for a few calls where I give you important things you can do to get you on your way.

Thank you. I hope to see you soon.

5 Benefits of practising Yoga Outdoors..

Beautiful view from Parc Guell, over looking the city of Barcelona

Beautiful view from Parc Guell, over looking the city of Barcelona

Thank you so much for staying on board after the GDPR craziness, and if you are new, Hello and Welcome!

It's been a crazy busy few weeks but, when I think about it, they always are these days, and I have to be really conscious not to get overwhelmed.

Is it just me? Can you relate to that feeling that time is flying and you are meeting yourself coming back?

Stop and breathe..  Just little moments, but conscious moments help.  

"When you control your breath you can control your life"  Yogi Bahjan

Get outside if you can.. Take a moment to get present and feel the grass beneath my feet feels so good.
I went for a walk the other morning, with my husband and my daughter, to our local park, over looking the city. Although, we intended to practice Yoga, I didn't intend to film it, hence the camera is propped up against a shoe and you get to watch us all, mainly my husband, a bit distorted.. Keeping it real people! You can follow it and might even make more sense upside down.

It's not about getting the postures or the transitions perfect, its about giving it a whirl, on a personal level and enjoying the process.

As you can see my husband is not an advanced practitioner, but he gives it his best and feels amazing from doing so. Even a small amount has greatly improved his balance, flexibilty, stamina and... stress levels.  

Never a competition - Accept yourself and enjoy.

So why practice yoga outdoors?

1. It gets you in touch with nature and the enviornment, which is ultimately part of you. The sun on your face, the breeze on your skin, the fresh air and grass smells are a symphony for the senses and deepen your experience. Its good for the spirit and gets you into your body. This harmony induces wellbeing.

2. This deeper connection can reduce the stress hormones adreneline and cortisol and relieve anxiety and overwhelm, more so than when practiced in a large group studio class. Science!

3. Balance and stability are challenged by uneven terrain and the internal experience is different. Muscles work harder to stabilise and make necesary micro adjustments. 

4. Concentration is also challenged, by unforseen sounds and activity - a cold, dark cloud passes. people might be walking by, and you have to call on some inner resources that you wouldn't need in the studio. Riding the waves of sensations helps you bring yourself to a clam state.

5. Sense of freedom. You are alive. You are a child of the universe and belong, just as you are. Perfectly imperfect and that it's just perfect. Breathe and Love it! 

As well as connecting you to you, practising with others anywhere is fun and bonding too. It connects you and therefore being outdoors together, and aligning with nature is a beautiful little cherry on the cake. 

As always, please check with your doctor if you have any injuries or health concerns, and always listen to your body and go within your limits. Have fun!