Operation Bikini 2.0 - The 6 Part Video Series

Because nobody rocks a bikini better than a woman comfortable in her own body.


Below is a series of 6 short videos focusing on our strength, confidence and energy levels - balancing our bodies and our energy centres so we can rock the summer in our own unique way. Please consult a doctor before embarking on anything new, listen to your body and go within your limits.. and enjoy.

Week One - Feeling Glut

Strengthen the low back and bum and put mobility into the spine. We also stimulate the first energy centre which helps us become grounded, secure and accepting of our selves and others with calm and clarity.

Week Two - Here’s What’s Hip

We mobilise the pelvis and entire spine, and strengthen and stretch the hip. We also stimulate the second energy centre which helps us get in touch with our personal power, feeling sexy, relieving our self doubt, and also gets our inspiration and creative juices flowing. 

Week Three - It’s a Core Thing

We strengthen the abdominals and the deep muscles that support the spine, working the mid back. We stimulate the third energy centre for strong emotional centre and learn a breathing technique to increase energy and relieve anger and stress. Please consult a doctor before embarking on anything new, listen to your body and go within your limits..

Week Four - All Heart (and Upper back)

We strengthen the upper back countering sitting at computer all day, working the posture and stimulating the fourth energy centre for open heart, compassion and love. A breathing exercise for gratitute with increases our capacity for compassion for ourselves and for others.

Week Five - Truth Heals

This set simply relieves a little bit of neck tension and we stimulates trhe 5th energy centre around the throat so we are able to communicate what we mean. We we are tension free in the neck and what we say is congruent with what we actually feel life becomes less complicated and it can relieve a lot of tension in our bodies.

Week Six - You know it

All over body challenge, including bum and abdominals and mediatation for stimulating the sixth energy centre for Intuition and trusting your inner guidance system.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. It’s been a lot of fun and a nice challenge for me to deliver you quality sets that move and stimulates your body and energy centres so you can feel good in your body and in your life. If You have any questions, quieries or concerns I am here for you always.


Laura X

Can Pilates and Yoga make you fit?

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 13.45.25.png

Last weekend I took part in a Spartan Super Race… and it was super hard. Mamma Mia it was!

For those of you that don’t know what that is (and I didn’t know exactly, until I was there!), it’s a race set over a course, in this case it was 13km of mountainous terrain, and is peppered with obstacles that you have to climb, carry or negotiate yourself through, under or over…and wade through alot of mud.

It was a huge challenge, on so many levels, and I went into it blind.. I thought Ignorance would be bliss...

I was wrong - Ignorance was foolish, and another thing that was foolish was to buy a pair of super cheap trainers (As I knew there would be mud, and they would get ruined) that were also on the small side, and expect them not to rub.

My feet were blistered but it was one of the least painful things that was going on so I kind of didnt notice..

I had not trained and I thank my lucky stars that my husband was so supportive, as was our teammate Andy, and that I have been a practioner of Pilates and Kundalini Yoga for years and years. They all saved my bacon! Also, Andy’s wife Kez was an intricate part of the team as she looked after our children and this an important factor when families embark on adventures. It was a team effort!

The race was not a race for winning but an experience of commitment, teamwork, love, kindness and faith.

The emotions I went through over the course went from excitement and determination, to desperation, regret, hopelessness, shame through to elation, invincibility, strength, pride, inspiration, motivation, love, empathy, compassion and back to desparation, anxiety and fear (I had a near panic attack about 2km from the end and started trembling and crying) and then back to love, comittment, determination, hope and joy.

Boy, it was a roller coaster and I could not have done it without my husband’s love and support and encouragement both physically and emotionally helping through (over and under) the obstacles. Maybe not for everyone but teamwork got me through..

It was an amazing bonding experience for us both and connected us back into each other and our relationship. So often we are busy with life and forget how much we love each other’s spirit and soul so it was a great opportunity to be together and be present on adventure out of our normal environment.

It was like we got to see the real person again, with the curtains of life drawn back - It was raw and real and we loved it.

I did not train but I did it. Up, up and up mountains and down, down down, over rocks and through mud, up monkey bars and under barbed wire.. I believe that having Pilates in my body, being balanced and strong and able to move efficiently with a reinforced core stability got me through physically. Kundalini Yoga whilst also helped with the physical challenge, helped me with the commitment, the mindset and faith to get me through. Absolutely.

My work blending Pilates and Kundalini Yoga is fortifying and keeps you strong and capable, not for only Spartan races but for life. We need a strong body and mind so we can get on with our everyday things. We are more resilent and can see the magic of life around us, which makes us happier and more content. We can show up fully and be the best version of ourselves on any given day. You have super powers inside you and do anything when you want to..

There is a beautiful Chinese Proverb “The person who says it cannot be done should not interupt the person doing it”