Done is better than perfect. Yoga for procrasination

I tend to procrasinate. Do you know what I mean? Im sure I'm not alone.  "Shoot for the stars", you tell yourself "I'm going to start that today" but you don't, and the days roll by and nothing gets moving. Why? Is it too big? Are we incapable of star shooting? Of course, not but it makes me feel so bad about myself.

I don't want to feel bad. I'm in the business of feeling good. Feeling fabulous, in fact.  I'm excited about sharing my work so why procrastinate on it? 

Perfectionism maybe? I want to have the perfect teaching style, moves and content that will set the world on fire, before I expose myself? Well, yes, doesnt everyone?

But Im not a perfectionist. In fact, I suggested this to my husband and he nearly spat out his coffee..

"No Laura, you are procrastinating because you are afraid" He said.

"You are right" I said "I am afraid. I'm afraid of being seen, afraid of being crticised, afraid of being compared to others, afraid noone will like what I do. Which is why it needs to be perfect."

"Well", he said "it will never be perfect, because there is no such thing as perfect, and perfect is boring? Just be you and get your stuff done. Done is better than perfect" 

Which I quite liked. Of course, I want to produce a high standard of work that people enjoy and connect with (who doesn't), but accepting it isnt' going to be perfect, and not everyone will like it, is really liberating. 

Start before you are ready, isnt that what they say?

You see, I've realised achieving goals and making things happen evolve one imperfect step at a time. By connecting with people and taking action, even when your afraid. By falling on your arse......and by knowing you are never ready.

Below, with an awesome cameo from my daughter Grace, is a super spontaneous, short Yoga set for procrastination.  It's far from perfect.  

By opening up through the chest and rotating the ribs, and stretching the psoas through the hip this set helps feel strong, capable and confident to be your authentic self and to "get you stuff done".

Do it with conviction, breathing deeping as you move your body. It will set you up for shooting for the stars!

And so the proof is in the pudding.  I am super excited that my next course starts Monday 22nd May. I got my stuff done! Yay!! If you are in Barcelona there a still a couple of places left.


Thank you!!