Acceptance might just be the single best thing you can do for your health


Apart from drinking water. Water is magic.. And sleeping, and meditating, walking in nature..

Okay... So are there many single best things but why is acceptance so important to your health and wellbeing?

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Acceptance is where is all begins. Its like the prequel to forgivenss. If you don't accept what's going on for you, past or present, then you get stuck in judgements and resentments and the stress these emotions have on your body can wreck havoc. and illness can manifest..

"To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee" Anonymous

You can't make good new choices for yourself when you are unaccepting. Accepting doesnt mean condoning or saying it's okay, not at all, so many things are "unacceptable" but accepting allows you to take constructive action or move forward and make your peace.

Unacceptance is like denial which keeps us trapped and in a funk, and acceptance is one part of the recipe for a free, lighter and limitless life.

In accepting people and situations around you, including your stress levels and your crazy boss, it's absolutely essential to accept yourself.

"If you accept and learn not to criticise yourself you will find true health - physically, mentally spiritually" Yogi Bhajan

Studies have shown, one in particular by Harvard Medical school that self acceptance has physical and emotional benefits.

So how do we do it?

We have to accept others, when you accept others you can accept yourself. You will feel light and free. Let that stuff go!

Acceptance exercise.. Just for one day try and notice how you are judging and when you do catch yourself breath deeply and choose to Let it go. You can even say "I let you go".. Then consciously go through your mental list - accept your parents, your boss, your spouse, and people who have hurt you in some way. There might be things you cannot accept, but that's okay, just accept that you arent ready yet. One day you will be and you will feel light and free and alive. You can decide if you its worth doing again tomorrow, no pressure - self accptance all the way. I talk you through it in my live.

We have to take responsibilty that our feelings about people and stuff are our own contruct, and we have a choice feel better about things.

"There is nothing good, nothing bad -thinking makes it so" Yogi Bahjan

See you in the Facebook Limitless group

The video below is the replay of the Live I talked about in my Limitless group last week

If you are struggling with balance, and you would like to know if I can help you sort your exercise and wellbeing routine out then I have a few space for a few calls where I give you important things you can do to get you on your way.

Thank you. I hope to see you soon.

My new amazing centre and classes are coming soon!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 15.12.27.png

Hey! How are you? I hope you are super well and enjoying a little of bit of downtime this August. It's still so hot here in Barcelona (It's so hot our cactus died!) but stop talking of the weather, Laura, and tell your exciting news!!

I am opening my own little teaching space here in Barcelona.. Woooo!

I am working on my fantastic Pilates and Kundalini Yoga classes and my brand heartcorebody, and how I'm going to bring them to you in September!!! There will be more news in the next couple of weeks and I will be back in touch with info, offers and invites...Join my list and look out for stuff about heartcorebody @ heartcengtrebcn . Woooooo!!

Barcelona central, baby!!  Near Plaza Cataluyna......Awesome!

I will also be making some videos and gifting you a few promo classes online, so friends in distant parts can get some value and content, across the continents.

It's going to be rocking!

That's it for now. It's super exciting and I'm really looking forward to sharing, in the flesh, the fabulous technologies of Kundalini Yoga and Pilates practice to help you feel great, and experience your true, amazing, infinite nature. Way hey!

So if you are in Barcelona, and when I figure out the logistics  (and the technology haha), you'll get more info about promo classes and timetable etc and hopefully I don't bug those that are unable to teletransport themselves to class.  

But what about my bum and abs, in meantime?

This one isn't a secret...

A very good friend asked me what exercises she could do in 5-7 minutes for her bum and her tum.. I'm telling you what I told her, which isn't new, but people forget.

Move your body doing your daily stuff!! 

Everyday things done with attention.

We know the rules.. Use the stairs and not the lift, walk, walk, walk..etc. It's easy for me to say, as Barcelona is a very walkable city, but walking is so good. When you are walking uphill or upstairs, bring some attention to it - focus into using the glut/ hamstring connection (where your bum meets the back of your legs) and use these muscles at the back of your leg to power you first, instead of from the quadriceps. It feels a bit weird but it's a good exercise.

As you bring the shopping in from car, roll your shoulders back and down, engage the abdominals, lift the pelvic floor. That kind of thing. Lifting things properly, hanging washing, throwing the kids around; bring a focus to it and make it work for you.

And the 5-7 minutes of gluts and Abs?..

It's here. Its a bit rough as I thought it was going to be private, and I did it in one take...But it's fine and a nice little set.

Give it a whirl.  Thank you!!


Stay on your game for summer!

Hey. How are you? I am well and loving these light mornings!! I always get up early, that's just me, but this time of year it's sooooooo much easier than in the dark and in the cold (Mmm Obvious!). It's almost a pleasure to hear the alarm and bound out of bed.. Okay, now maybe that's going too far but..

Practising yoga and getting down to my work super early feeds my spirit and I feel good. 

Simple as.

Before I even put the kettle on I get down to some Yoga/Pilates practice plus a little meditation. It soothes me. My body and spirit come alive and I feel so grateful. Everything makes sense for me at this time. It's such a beautiful start to the day and sets me up. It's early, it's peaceful and I love it. I need it this way.

And then I need my Tea... My spirit needs this too ;)

How about you? What feeds your spirit? 

What do you need? It doesn't matter when you find time to check in with yourself, or how long you take doing it, but giving yourself a little bit of what you need every day really helps your emotional wellbeing. Obvs again but we rarely pay attention to it.

You're amazing but to keep going you need to be on your own team.  

I'm not talking massages or pedicures and stuff like that (although, of course, why not?) or super planned, organised rituals that are supposed to be for yourself, but actually turn into stressors.

Just things you need in the moment. Even just good, kind mental chats, can be enough. The ones where you can give yourself a bit of compassion even when things seem to be a mess. This is big for a lot of us, The Self Talk. Make it kind.

You are enough, doing enough, always and it's all okay.

And so, whilst working in my bubble of morning love, I found this gem I want to share with you, should your spirit needs some body TLC.

DO YOU YOGA are doing a Free 30 day Yoga Challenge with no commitment, or payment details needed. Each session is about 12 minutes long and perfect for anyone, anytime,

It's really user friendly and a great way to bring Yoga into to your day these beautiful summer days. Check it out!

Im not affilitated with them or anything like that, but since am working on my offline programs (Look out for news Barcelona friends!), and not online programs at the moment, I thought I'd let you know about it, should you fancy getting down on the mat.

Give the challenge a whirl - It's fun and it's free.

Done is better than perfect. Yoga for procrasination

I tend to procrasinate. Do you know what I mean? Im sure I'm not alone.  "Shoot for the stars", you tell yourself "I'm going to start that today" but you don't, and the days roll by and nothing gets moving. Why? Is it too big? Are we incapable of star shooting? Of course, not but it makes me feel so bad about myself.

I don't want to feel bad. I'm in the business of feeling good. Feeling fabulous, in fact.  I'm excited about sharing my work so why procrastinate on it? 

Perfectionism maybe? I want to have the perfect teaching style, moves and content that will set the world on fire, before I expose myself? Well, yes, doesnt everyone?

But Im not a perfectionist. In fact, I suggested this to my husband and he nearly spat out his coffee..

"No Laura, you are procrastinating because you are afraid" He said.

"You are right" I said "I am afraid. I'm afraid of being seen, afraid of being crticised, afraid of being compared to others, afraid noone will like what I do. Which is why it needs to be perfect."

"Well", he said "it will never be perfect, because there is no such thing as perfect, and perfect is boring? Just be you and get your stuff done. Done is better than perfect" 

Which I quite liked. Of course, I want to produce a high standard of work that people enjoy and connect with (who doesn't), but accepting it isnt' going to be perfect, and not everyone will like it, is really liberating. 

Start before you are ready, isnt that what they say?

You see, I've realised achieving goals and making things happen evolve one imperfect step at a time. By connecting with people and taking action, even when your afraid. By falling on your arse......and by knowing you are never ready.

Below, with an awesome cameo from my daughter Grace, is a super spontaneous, short Yoga set for procrastination.  It's far from perfect.  

By opening up through the chest and rotating the ribs, and stretching the psoas through the hip this set helps feel strong, capable and confident to be your authentic self and to "get you stuff done".

Do it with conviction, breathing deeping as you move your body. It will set you up for shooting for the stars!

And so the proof is in the pudding.  I am super excited that my next course starts Monday 22nd May. I got my stuff done! Yay!! If you are in Barcelona there a still a couple of places left.  

Thank you!!

Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

This time of year is always so exciting - I love being cosy, catching up with family, friends and feeling gratitude for all the blessings and love I have in my life. Yay! There is a lot to be thankful for, and this time of year really brings it home as to how full my cup is. 

A full cup usually means a full life, and a full life can mean a lot of demands, not just during the season but throughout the year.

Below I am going to take you through a 15 minute Kundalini Kriya* that works on our internal systems to invoke our inner vitality and bring stamina into the body and mind that is so needed right now!

Since it's a super busy time for us all, we could all do with a bit of vitality and stamina to get us through with gusto, on top of our game, no?

I have been doing it myself for the past 7 days and its effects are immediate and incredible. I have shortened the length of each posture slightly, for the sake of time, but the effects still hit the spot. I really am super excited to share this with you!

All you need is 15 minutes and an "I can" attitude and you'll feel the vitality and stamina immediately.

It begins by stimulating the Navel Point energy and releasing the reserve energy that is stored there. It brings energy to all the meridians in the body and then the exercises systematically move the flow of energy from the solar plexus up to the throat. The Kriya* then guides the flow to the higher centres and glands. Finally, it opens up the superhighway of the "sushmana" (central channel through which flows prana or life force) and the spine. Wooooo!! The energy is totally unleashed within you. The Kriya ends with a short naval meditation for healing that creates the effect of the universe vibrating in every cell of your body. Awesome!

It's suitable for beginners and experienced student so grab your mat, an open mind and off we go!

1 minute Pranayama to Slow Down Time

Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done, right?

"You have to have a written plan, with priorities, and execute it step by step, Laura"  says my husband

"Great, thanks for that, I say".

However, the reality of our day to day goes off plan, the plan has been scrapped, the plan does't apply, if there was one in the first place; there is so much to do, now, it feels, and a bit of panic sets in.

A plan is great, but what happens when the plan turns to custard and you need a bit more time right now?

In fact, I'm feeling it right now as the original draft for this post has completely disappeared (inadvertently deleted by me, of course) and now, looking at the clock, I have to pick up my daughter from school, I've wasted all that time and don't know when I can fit it in again,.. Plus there's wet washing in the machine to hang, there are bookings to confirm, a couple of WhatsApps that need replies and bits to do before I leave and..and....

Although there's no disaster you could do with a bit of time to re-focus and get present..

There is a paradox that, for us mortals, time is linear and we can do nothing to stop chronos time; the seconds turn into minutes, the minutes to hours, into days and the years roll by, and that is that, it is true..  

Time and tide wait for no man..

However, time is equally infinite, it always was, always is and always will be, and if we can connect to the infinite within us, where time does not exist, and bring it into our present, then we can slow down time.

Connecting to the infinite within works to expand the time we already have.

The video below shows a really short breathing technique, or Pranayama, thats connects you in and slows everything down. 

It works by emphasising the exhale, which effects the para sympathetic nervous system, 

slows down the heartbeat, relaxes the circulation, the nerves and the digestion which helps us connect with the calmness, and the present, so we can focus out of overwhelm with a bit more joy.

Give it a whirl. It really does work. Pop it in your mental handbag for everyday use!

I've just done the Pranayama right here at my laptop and I'm already feeling better. Of course, apart from picking up my little girl from school, there is nothing that can't wait. But it's great - I get to practice what I preach, and all in time to head to the school, with time for a coffee and to ping those WhatsApps back!  

Damn.. I left the washing in the machine!! Oh well, Nevermind, Not important. Anyway, I don't think there is a meditation for that. 

Thank you. I hope you enjoy!!!

The Sun Salutation - The Best Stretch Sequence Ever

The best things tend to stand the test of time and, although the exact origins are not agreed upon, The Sun Salutation, has about 2,500 years under its belt.  

It was performed in honour of our gargantuan, natural heat and light source and, for thousands of years, the Sun has been revered as responsible for our entire world and for all life on it. 

The reason we can sustain life on earth deserves a "salute" or two, no?

Ancient Yogis for millennia have taught that each of us is a mirror of our world; that we are the mountains, the sea, the sun and the moon, that we are made up of the same elements and that the Sun is a symbol of consciousness within. We feel connected and in tune with ourselves, and our world, when we feel the "light" within us is turned on, right?

The Sun, they say (the ancient yogis again) is an outer world representation of our own “inner sun,” our heart.

It is claimed by skeptics however, that it was invented by the raja of Aundh (a former state in India) just over 100 years ago. Boooo!!

No matter - Start the day by appreciating your beautiful life, body and self. Simple. 

How or when it originated doesn't matter and there are over 20 recorded versions of The Sun Salutation to boot. Whichever one you do, its a beautiful way to start the day, honouring your own light; getting out of your head and into body, giving it a really good stretch and calming the mind.

"Salute" like you mean it....

More than just a good stretch of course be sure to practice your Sun Salutation like you mean it  -  with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation and a conscious awareness to the postures. After all, the sequence is essentially a humble appreciation of the light within you.

Giving it your all turns a nice stretch into an fantastic experience for yourself.

Make each movement as mindful and precise as possible, especially as you near the end of each round, as its a bit tiring.

As a start 3 to 5 rounds is good, working up to about 10.....108 is not uncommon so you'll be fine!! C'mon,  Lets give it whirl!