A practice that fits in with a demanding lifestyle so you have more energy, time and freedom to do the things you want to do.


My work blends Pilates and Kundalini Yoga so you feel stress free, energised, strong and limitless. 

I have been teaching Pilates internationally for 10 years, and more recently Kundalini Yoga, but I first brought Pilates and Kundalini Yoga together a few years ago, to get what I needed from my morning practice. There was little time before the house awoke and the school run, so used the tools I had as efficiently as possible -  Pilates  to strengthen, tone and balance the body on a muscular level and Kundalini Yoga to renew the energy systems of the body and bring in vitality, clarity and deeper spiritual connection. I felt resilent and ready for anything by doing them together.

How you move your body is reflected in how you move through life...  

I found that other people were also looking for challenging physical practice, that also appealed to their spiritual side. A practice to get them out of their heads and into their bodies, relieving stress and overwhelm and putting strength and tone back into their bodies so they can thrive from the inside out.

How does it work?

My work blends Pilates and Kundalini Yoga into an holistic approach physical and spiritual experience. Working the body on a bio mechanical level, getting the muscles strong, supple and balanced to support the skeleton and spine and improve posture, whilst working the internal systems of the body, ie the nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system, making them strong and robust, plugging yourself back into the universe. This makes us more resilient to stress related diseases and able to ride the waves of life with clarity and calm.

It keeps your body young, moving with ease, grace and vitality through your life, counteracting our sedentary lifestyles.

Kundalini Yoga changes you on a cellular level through breathing techniques, postures, meditations and mantra that stimulate the meridians and balances brain and blood chemistry. The exercises balance adrenaline and cortisone, responsible for our fight or flight responses and the pineal gland, which produces melatonin, conducive to sleep patterns.

The blend encourages real strength and connection in your heart, your core and your body, ...which makes life better.

Heart - Strengthening and opening our hearts awakens our creative consciousness to new possibilities and inspires us to the best we can be. With a strong and open heart we invoke courage and compassion for self and others.  A conscious and loving perspective opens channels, and healthy positivity ripples into our lives, homes, relationships and the planet.

Core -  Our personal power comes from the core. My work focuses raising energy levels and on building strength from the inside out - not just physically but emotionally, changing subconscious patterns as well as reinforcing the deep support muscles of the spine. A strong core keeps us youthful, energetic, balanced and feeling in tune and on purpose. A strong emotional centre makes us resilient to the inevitable ups and downs.

Body - The way we use our bodies, condition our muscles and our minds affects our confidence; how we carry ourselves, literally and metaphorically. A strong, balanced, supple and toned body with good alignment, and movement patterns ensures we can do all the things we need to do, efficiently, safely with confidence and calm... and feel really good doing it.

Acceptance of others, ourselves and our emotions means we can let stuff go that keep us stuck and we can express ourselves and our creativity. When we show up fully, committing to our beautiful lives, having compassion for ourselves and others and speak the truth as it is for us, we can feel worthy of love and belonging that is necessary for happiness. We learn to trust our intuition and know all is working our perfectly. We become radiant and can make a real contribultion and live a limitless life.

  • Want a strong and toned body, relief from stress and overwhelm?

  • To feel a deeper connection to self and others? 

  • To be more creative and have more success?

  • Better sleep, better posture, confidence, clarity, self compassion? 

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And here's a little bit about me and where it all began..

"Way hey! This is great- I love my body and my life!" was my reaction after getting into Pilates classes 12 years ago. The focus relaxed my mind and practice made me feel strong inside and out. I began to really get into my body for the first time, and felt more confidence in myself all round.  I trained immediately to teach, motivated by my passion to share this incredible, intelligent exercise. It was great but I was searching for a deeper spiritual connection too.

Serendipity led me to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and then it all made sense. In awe and excited at my new experiences, plus finally overcoming a long term eating disorder, I have been teaching the amazing technology of  Kundalini Yoga, but never forgetting the benefits of Pilates on the body; its structure and balance and the mind; focus and clarity.

As I travel through my 40s and beyond its my mission to use my skills to help you feel the best you can and to know you are perfect just the way you are, for you to love the life you live and the body you live in, and have an awesome experience at optimum health. This is total win for you, but also the high vibrations flow over into our homes, into our communities and rasies the vibrations of the planet.  A win for everyone and I love that.

My work will add a bit of va va voom into your life and raise your energy levels.  Stress and anxiety is relieved, sleep improves and so does communication and creativity. You will feel great in yourself, about yourself and feel connected in your life.  So simple.

Originally from Wales in the UK, I am married to a fabulous Italian and have a gorgeous, spirited little girl. We started our family in Melbourne, Australia where I received the absolute best Pilates teacher training on the planet. An awesome experience and privilege that lay great foundations for my practice and my own teaching. Now settled in Barcelona, It is an honour to have have trained to teach Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, by beautiful, inspiring teachers. I now have my own little space to teach my Pilates·Kundalini Yoga blend to those who want to Lift their bum, Lift their vibration and Rock their wellbeing.