Kundalini Yoga

An amazing Yoga appropriate for these chaotic, busy times where we are stressed and bombarded by information, technology and all things we have to do.  Our nervous sytems are under pressure and we need that calmness and connection to bring peace and balance back into our bodies and our hearts.  

A challenging but beautiful technology that actually works.. fast

Perfect for the modern women, with a lot going on in her life, Kundalini Yoga consists of simple yogic techniques that can be practiced by everyone in a short space of time.

A science of humanity that brings mental clarity for purpose and prosperity.

It keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible allowing for better cope with change and stress. Through Meditation, Pranayama (Breathing techniques) Yoga Asanas (postures), Kriyas (sequence of asanas) and Mantra we repair the systems of the body building a strong, healthy nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system and respiratory system. 

It changes your chemistry and brings you back into balance and harmony with strength and meaning. There is an increased oxygen capacity with blood flow to the glands which results in a rise in consciousness and vitality.  

Kundalini Yoga is perfect for the modern age because its effects come fast… Some of its positive effects are experienced immediately.

You go in, do the work and it gets you where you want to go. Its pretty downright awesome and it works. I explain more about how it works in my blog posts and videos.

For me, Kundalini Yoga is the key that opens the door to the infinite you. You understand that you are more than your body and your racing thoughts; a part of something bigger. This access frees you and enables you to get on with your things, your family, your job with a sense of trust and knowing.  plus your body fits fit, strong and flexible

A kind of faith that the universe has your back - All will be ok, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, you can deal with it with a sense of trust that all is unfolding perfectly

Kundalini Yoga enables you to know there is a lesson in all experiences. You can be the non judgmental observer of yourself and others, catching your thought patterns and the behaviours.  It's super interesting to watch yourself and others in this way. 

We are often just on "play and repeat"

You can work to change the patterns that don't serve you for those that do, and have more compassion for the once you love.

Often our conflicts are not personal and rarely have much to do with actually leaving the toothpaste cap off the tube..

Communication improves, anxieties evaporate, high emotions still rise up but you can intercept and make a different choice, you feel more empathy and kindness.

Life becomes better and more interesting. You have the tools.

Life is super busy now, and our nerves are getting shot to pieces with the stresses and strains of everyday life. We need to rejuvenate, relax and simply slow it all down for a minute or two. Using the tools of Kundalini technology we can bring us home to base, breathe and reconnect with who we really are (or consciousness) and I want to share this with you. When our nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system etc are all in good working order then we have more control and happiness in our lives. Its truly amazing. Everything seems to fall into place.

It’s as simple as that.




Pilates is beautiful, low impact but highly intensive exercise that helps increase strength, improve muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and posture through flowing focused movement.

“In 10 sessions you feel the difference, 20 sessions see the difference and 30 sessions you have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates

It’s for everybody whether you are new to exercise or an elite athlete, young or not so young.  It totally reinforces your already beautiful body, making it fitter and more supple. Pilates develops a lengthened, strengthened and flexible body that feels energetic, toned and alive.

It relieves stress and tension balancing mind and body helping you feel and look great.

It helps mobilise your spine and your joints that are stiff, and stabilise joints that move too freely by balancing the muscles perfectly for optimum efficiency. Working from the inside out on the deep support muscles that keep us with an upright posture, walking tall with confidence and pain free.

Joseph Pilates said “you are only as young as your spine”

Thus retraining our bodies and minds into healthy postural habits keeps the spine young, giving us more energy for going about our busy daily lives. 

The increased “awakening” or development of the muscles, the focus and body awareness that occur as a result of Pilates, ensures all muscles are doing the right job at the right time. This is important because, what tends to happen when we are sitting all day at the computer, or holding babies, or staying in any positions habitually, is that the wrong muscles do the wrong job at the wrong time, some get lazy and others over compensate, pulling you out of balance and alignment resulting in chronic pain and injuries.

What’s also great about Pilates is that once you know the basic principles, and have worked them into your body, then you tend to go about everything you do with them applied without even thinking about it.. Or a quick thought and you can apply the principles.

So you can be doing Pilates all day long whilst you’re just doing your things. Cool!



Pilates Barre is dynamic, high energy workout integrating the Pilates repertoire with elements of dance, yoga and weight training to shape and sculpt lean, long muscles whilst improving strength, flexibility and cardio fitness.

You feel and look amazing and it’s great fun. You’ll love it.

It works using small movements and isometric (static) holds to optimise the strength and tone of your muscle efficiently and effectively and works well to bring your total body into optimum balance and streamline. Its super safe and low impact on joints but high cardio and great for the heart. Everyone who does even a short class feels like they can walk on air afterwards with a grace and vitality; A renewed energy and spring in their step.

It gets you going and balances mind and body while you bring focus to the movements.

My barre classes use the principles of Pilates which brings along with it all the benefits of the Pilates method; long,  lean muscles, increased flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance control, relief of tension and stress, improved posture and stronger internal support.

All the good stuff with added extra ...