Pilates Barre is dynamic, high energy workout integrating the Pilates repertoire with elements of dance, yoga and weight training to shape and sculpt lean, long muscles whilst improving strength, flexibility and cardio fitness.

You feel and look amazing and it’s great fun. You’ll love it.

It works using small movements and isometric (static) holds to optimise the strength and tone of your muscle efficiently and effectively and works well to bring your total body into optimum balance and streamline. Its super safe and low impact on joints but high cardio and great for the heart. Everyone who does even a short class feels like they can walk on air afterwards with a grace and vitality; A renewed energy and spring in their step.

It gets you going and balances mind and body while you bring focus to the movements.

My barre classes use the principles of Pilates which brings along with it all the benefits of the Pilates method; long,  lean muscles, increased flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance control, relief of tension and stress, improved posture and stronger internal support.

All the good stuff with added extra ...