Here is our class schedule for the Semi Private Reformer Classes.

  • The classes are generally suitable for most, and can be modified to suit your level and needs, although I will advise you further when making your booking about suitability - It maybe better to take advantage of the Private Intro Offer and move into group when more experienced.

  • Semi Private Classes are personal and bespoke - Maximum of 3 people.

  • Private Sessions are arranged by appointment around your schedule.

  • All sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise stated.

If you are interested in Seni Private but the timetable doesn’t suit, please let me know as perhaps the schedule can be adjusted in line with demand. Thank you.

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Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class. Clients that arrive after the class has started won’t be able to attend.

You don’t need to bring anything special, just something comfortable you can move in, and put your legs up in the air without blushing.

Founder Prices AnD Packages

Founder packages Are Limited, so being a Founder Will Set YouR rates as we Grow our community. Come and Join uS today.

  • All packages will make you stronger, healthier, more productive, able to move freely, look and feel better, and this commitment to yourself is always going to be worth investing in your body and your life.

  • The prices of the monthly, and 12 week packages include personal programming, individual attention and follow ups and are usually the best way to achieve you goals, whilst still allowing you flexibility.

  • Please contact me for more details, or try our introductory offers, and come in and try for yourself.


Semi-Private Class

Semi Private Intro Offer €49 for 3 classes

Single Semi Private Class €35

1 x week €120 a month

2 x week €220 a month

12 week Package 1 x wk €299

2 x week €599

5 Semi Private Classes €155 (valid 6 weeks)



Private Intro Offer €149 for 3 sessions

Single Private Session €68

1 x week €249 a month

2 x week €460 a month

12 week Package 1 x wk €699

2 x wk €1,329

5 Private Sessions €310 (valid 6 weeks)