Simplify for a passionate, limitless life

Ease into the New Year, discovering your inner super powers for a life you love today.

Saturday 12th January 10:20 - 12:00, Via Laietana 54, 2º- 205, Barcelona

 Do you want to live life with ease and flow? Let go of stress and overwhelm?

Do you want to strengthen and tone your body and feel young, passionate energetic to do your stuff? 

Then my "Simply Limitless" workshop is for you.

In the session here's what you'll experience....

  • Pocket meditations to bring you back from crazy town fast.

  • A dynamic Pilates set to strengthen and tone the body efficiently and effectively

  • Deep core work to support the spine and Yoga to strengthen your emotional centre.

  • Mobilsing and balancing the pelvis energy centre for creativity, passion and sexy feminine.

  • Kundalini Yoga to work the internal systems, bust through blocks and raise energy levels. 

  • A meditation to experience your beautiful, bountiful, blissful self.

PilatesQuoteGreat_things (2).png

Relaxed, nurtured but energised and invigorated feeling alive, clear and connected.

You are simply Limitless..

Only €20 for 1.5hr Total Mind Body Therapy

For info, quieries, questions or concerns contact me.. or whatsapp me +34636504336