Lift your bum, lift your vibration, rock your wellbeing

A 1:1 personal practice that gets you strong, healthy, connected, relieving stress and anxiety giving you more time, freedom and energy to spend doing what you love.


Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Barcelona

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Do you want to feel energetic and stress free and have time to do things you love?

Are you looking for something that tones and strengthens your body, but nurtures your soul?

What is Heart·Core·Body? 

The exquistely blended practices of Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation...

  • You'll strengthen and tone your muscles, your deep core and balance your body all over.

  • Relieve stress, overwhelm and anxiety and face stress situations from new perspective.

  • Restore balance and flexibility to your body and mind.

  • Improve how you sleep.

  • Get out of bad postural habits and carry yourself with confidence and ease.

  • Relieve lower back pain and stabilise your pelvis.

  • Relieve shoulder and neck tension feeling free and relaxed.

  • Bust through subconscious blocks and plug yourself back in to the universe.

  • Improve your emotional centre, your communication and understand your true nature.

  • Saves money and gives you more time.

  • Feeling happier, healthier, calm and in control absolutely loving your life and being in your body.

Get Out Of Your Head and Into your Body - Energised, Strong, Connected, Stress and Tension Free.
Time to live fully your incredible, limitless life










It is an absolute honour to be a co-author in the Number 1# International Bestseller                - The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self. 

A heart-warming, inspiring collection of life stories from 18 women from around the world as they offer up words of hope, wisdom and inspiration, not only to their younger selves at pivotal points in their lives, but also to others, to pay forward the knowledge that they have gained through their experience, with other women just like them.

I firmly believe that our strength lies in our vulnerability and in sharing our stories we free ourselves and give hope to others. 

"Our stories hold unique inspiration for one another"  Lailah Gifty Akita

  The global Women's movement about Paying it Forward with a vision   that every woman in the world can leave an impactful footprint with the right resources, support and network.

The global Women's movement about Paying it Forward with a vision that every woman in the world can leave an impactful footprint with the right resources, support and network.



Laura is a great teacher: she gives her sessions with an incredible and contagious positive energy. She is at the same time sweet and motivating, guiding me through the practice, correcting when necessary, always attentive to my needs. Her class is very dynamic, fun and never repetitive. They fill me with a unique energy, and with a wonderful sensation of feeling great in my body and in my mind.
— Stephanie, France
I love the fact she is a knowledgeable practitioner of Pilates and Yoga yet brings her own personal
touch and attention to each session – her humor and personality also make
attending the classes something I look forward to rather than a necessary chore! I fully recommend!
— Sophie, UK
Laura really takes her time to help you learn the different positions, and with some great music added in, I always go home feeling like I can conquer the world and have stretched out my whole body
— Jenn, Ireland
Thank you Laura Ceppelli for the energy that you’re bringing every week and for an amazing class, you are irreplaceable!
— Nurit, Isreal