I believe a powerful, healthy body, that enables you live out fully, is absolutely priceless….so I treat it that way.


I am passionate about helping my clients achieve a strong, balanced and aligned body; a body thats feels fits, energetic and moves with grace and ease. I do this with challenging but nurturing, small group and private Pilates Reformer classes;

  • “You are only as young as your spine”, as Joesph Pilates said, and since it will need to last a long time, I help you get your body to keep up with your life.

  • Pain free, stress free, complete confidence with your body and movements.. so you can do just about anything you want.

  • Individual attention in small groups of just 3 people /Private tailor made programmes helping with your injuries, special conditions and personal goals.

  • I am Australian trained by world class Pilates teacher trainers, and have over with 10 years international experience.

  • Elegant, light, spacious studio in the centre of Barcelona

  • Private, family run, heartcentred business with the personal touch.

  • State of the Art Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers. The best in the business.



Find out about my
mission, my method, and the results of over 10 years bringing you back in touch with your body..

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Ready to take the next step? Take control of your body and your future with Pilates Reformer classes. Finally get what you want; a strong, pain free, flexible body and so much more..