My Services


Personal Pilates and Yoga Tuition 1:1

Whether you work with me long term or are just passing through Barcelona, a session with me, at my central studio, your home or hotel, you will feel lifted up, strong, connected and powerful so you can go out into the world shining your beautiful light, stress free, energised, relaxed and grounded, plugged back into your life and soul.

Your unique body requires unique and personal attention and I am here to deliver a practice that nurtures and challenges according to your needs.



249€ for 4 part Limitless Beginners Programme (Pilates and Kundalini Yoga blend)

599€ for 8 part Limitless Intensive, including workbooks, videos and personalised meditations

- A total overhaul of body mind spirit to get you strong, grounded, elevated so you can keep up with your dreams.


Corporate Classes/Desk Yoga

Progressive modern leaders like yourselves are realising the physical and emotional health of their employees is essential to the company’s success.

Providing a culture of movement and healthy processes improves attitude and aptitude, concentration, engagement, productivity and reduces stress and absenteeism - which improves the entire health (and profit) of the company as a whole.  

If you have the space I can come and give a session to your group, and include exercises that they can incorporate at their positions, or we can arrange it at my studio. If you have limited space then I will come and deliver a interactive workshop on ‘Desk Yoga’ teaching easy and simple stretches and practices to improve health wellbeing at work.


Live Online - Wherever you are in the world

I am here If you struggle to get to a local class, are travelling, would like to bring some accountability to your workout or practice - or would just like the personal touch at your convenience. Beautifully personalised just for you, I will give your session live online from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits. Prices are the same as my Private Sessions as detailed above.