I believe that the way we move our bodies is reflected in the way we move through life.. so when we are strong from the inside out, resilient, balanced, walking tall, flexible, pain and stress free, moving with grace and ease, we feel better in ourselves, joyful, passionate and can live our best lives.

It’s my passion to help you achieve your goals.

Group Reformer Pilates Classes.


In our light, spacious studio with maximum of 3 people, I take you through a challenging but nurturing 50 minute group class, able to give you individual attention within such a small group. I help to get the best out of yourself, and the work so you achieve what you set out to do. Most Group classes are suitable for all levels, although I might suggest a private session or two, or a specific beginners group, depending on your level of experience and conditions. One - off sessions, monthly packages and passes available.

Private 1:1 Reformer Pilates Classes

We work privately to your personal physical and wellbeing goals in my Barcelona central studio, dealing with any injuries or special conditions, in a tailor made programme especially for you. Sessions are 50minutes. You will learn how to execute the exercises to get the best out of the work, dig deep and connect back in with yourself, plus bring Pilates into your everyday life so your body can keep up with your life, and you feel your best self. We can also bring in yoga to work the internal systems of the body and recalibrate your energy and nevous system, if that appeals to you. We work around your schedule at a time that suits. You can come for a one- off session, particulary useful if you are passing through Barcelona, or join us on a package or pass.

LiMitless 1:1

Private Pilates and Kundalini Yoga Programme.

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Whether are looking for longer term results, or are just passing through Barcelona, a Limitless session with me, at my central studio, your home or hotel, you will feel lifted up, strong, connected and powerful. After just one class you can go out into the world feeling lifted, stress free, energised, relaxed and grounded, plugged back into your life and soul. The four week beginners programme is available to buy online but if you would like a one off session please contact me directly.

Your unique body requires unique and personal attention and I am here to deliver a practice that nurtures and challenges according to your needs.

What is Limitless?

Pilates to balance, strengthen and tone the body, improve posture and core strength which are all essential to be healthy and active - Kundalini Yoga to balance the energy centres and internal systems, ie, the nervous system, to help with stress, anxiety, creativity, sleep, vitality, prosperity and discover the deeper meaning of our lives.

The aim of the work is to create new patterns and systems in your body and give you tools and techniques you can take with you into your daily life. You will be strong and flexible, youthful and energetic and know how to nurture your amazing body, and soul so you can embrace your limitless potential in a demanding, modern world. It works on a cellular level and the experience will change you, and what you bring to your life.

Corporate or Special Events

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Show your staff you care about their happiness and health. Progressive modern leaders are realising the physical and emotional health of their employees is essential to the company’s success.

Providing a culture of movement and healthy processes improves attitude and aptitude, concentration, engagement, productivity and reduces stress and absenteeism - which improves the entire health (and profit) of the company as a whole. Win win.

If you have the space, I can come and give a Pilates/Yoga session to your team at your offices, and include exercises that they can incorporate at their positions, or we can arrange a Reformer class at my studio.