Hi, I am Laura Ceppelli - Australian trained International Pilates teacher, Kundalini Yoga teacher, author and founder of Pilates·Reformer·Barcelona and the Limitless programmes.


My Mission

Is to get all my clients the physical and wellbeing results they are searching for - so their bodies can keep up with all the things they love to do.

I believe that when we are strong from the inside out, muscles toned and balanced, our core fortified and spine supported, our posture in alignment, and we are flexible, energetic - connected back into our bodies and plugged into our lives, there is nothing we can’t do.

Whether you are new to exercise, an elite athlete, or anything in between, Reformer Pilates Classes makes life that much easier, and I love helping people draw so much out of themselves.

Nothing is more powerful than a person comfortable with who they are, free from pain and moving with ease and grace.

Both men and women benefit massively - not only from the strong physical challenge and body conditioning, but that deeper connection that is required to get the best out of the work and life.

When we can dig so deep and challenge ourselves this way, it not only changes how we look and feel physically, it changes how we feel about our whole selves. Paradoxlly we realise we are so much more than just our bodies and minds, and the change we are looking for becomes a pleasurable journey of discovery and self acceptance, and not a slog to a superficial destination. It’s win win.

Thank you for class - I loved it and always do, such an amazing tonic on so many levels - you talented lady you!!
— Sophie, UK
The Best Kept Secret in Town - Working with Laura has been revolutionary not only for my health, my wellbeing but also to the success of my business during an incredibly crucial and demanding time. Her unique practice and keen eye for knowing exactly what I needed has allowed me to keep my energy high, my body strong and my mind clear through one of the biggest launches my business has ever seen. I am giving this testimonial reluctantly as once the secret is out everyone will want her
— Kezia Luckett, Founder and CEO of The Women Of Contribution Movement

Some Bits About Me

  • I am a fully qualified STOTT Pilates teacher and have over 12 years teaching experience, fully trained and certified in Australia by world class teacher trainers.

  • I have taught in Australia, the UK, Spain, and online to clients all over the world.

  • I am a certified Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bahjan teacher with 4 years experience.

  • I was Bulimic for over 20 years and Pilates and Kundalini Yoga were crucial to my recovery, enabling me to take back my power into my psyche and body, and love myself again. We are all enough just the way we are.

  • I love helping others connect into their bodies and their hearts and get, not only the physcial changes they came for, but a special something they didn’t know they were coming for..Digging deep; I love seeing the results.

I’m more open to saying yes to opportunities that have come my way. I am ready and open to more and more! I’m excited about my life and want to celebrate myself and love myself! Thanks to the Limitless program I’ve opened up and embraced my life
— Lynette, Los Angeles
  • I am British, from Wales, married to an amazing Italian man, we have an intelligent, beautiful little girl born in Australia and we live in Barcelona, Spain. We like to have adventures but also to be cosy at home. We are happy riding the crazy waves of life together.

  • I’m an International bestselling co·author with a chapter in The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to my younger self, Volume One.. My chapter is about low self worth, shame and Bulimia and a message back to young Laura from grown up Laura, with the experience of hindsight.

  • I have a morning Limitless practice which involves Pilates and Kundalini Yoga and I swear it keeps me sane and able to enjoy life and all it’s ups and downs. It’s the best work for strength, flexibility, stress and being present.

Laura’s classes and style are perfect. Incredibly motivating, the sessions are a perfect combination of being challenging and fun. Laura is very knowledgeable of both Pilates and Kundalini Yoga. After each session, I feel inspired, motivated, relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend Laura’s work to anyone of any age as a means of relieving any stress, getting fitter and more toned.
— Tonia, Barcelona